Ming-Chi Kuo: All three 2020 iPhones will have 5G

Michail, 29 July 2019

Back in June renown Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple will equip two of its 2020 iPhones with 5G modems but now he has updated his predictions and says that all three come with support for the next-generation network.

Ming-Chi Kuo: All three 2020 iPhones will have 5G

Following Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s smartphone modem business, Kuo believes Apple is better suited to develop its 5G iPhones.

In addition Kuo predicts that by the second half of 2020 the price of 5G Android phones expected to start at around $250-350 will force Apple to provide 5G even on its entry-level device.

Moreover, by 2020 consumers will view 5G as a key buying point and Apple will be able to take advantage of the carrier subsidies. Another benefit of 5G devices for Apple is their potential to grow its budding AR ecosystem.

Ming-Chi Kuo: All three 2020 iPhones will have 5G

Going into more specifics Kuo claims the first 5G iPhone will come with sub-6GHz functionality instead of the faster mmWave technology. This will help Apple to cut costs in its initial rollout of 5G iPhones. Apple is reportedly planning on using Qualcomm’s modems in its first batch of 5G iPhones despite the Intel chip acquisition and is developing its own modems which could release sometime in 2021.



Reader comments

Thanks. You should. It's a very interesting topic. Can't wait for the worldwide rollout

Huawei already has 5G phones and so does Samsung. So Apple is late here... But 5G is just getting rolled out, and it will take time till 2021 in developed countries, and it might not even arrive to some places by 2023. My country still do...

  • Anonymous
  • 30 Jul 2019
  • n5S

Well buying a 5G phone in 2019 isn't even worth it since the infrastructure is just at it's beginning. Being late is not a disadvantage in this case

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