Mini-LED MacBook Pro to launch in limited supply this year

Ivan, 18 May 2021

Apple is expected to expand the use of mini-LED displays from the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro to the new MacBook Pro models this year. And while the new laptops should arrive on schedule, they may only be available in limited quantities initially.

According to a Digitimes report the supply of mini-LED displays for the upcoming MacBooks will be constrained due to the ongoing outbreaks of COVID-19, affecting Foxconn and Wistron factories in India.

Mini-LED MacBook Pro to launch in limited supply this year

The recent outbreaks are reportedly already affecting the supply of mini-LED panels for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Still, Apple is expected to go ahead with its planned announcement of the new Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Pro models in limited quantities and achieve full mass production in Q4 of 2021 or even Q1 of 2022.



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That's just your preference mate. To you they might have "unrealistic colors", but to other people those colors are as vivid as how they like it. I don't really care for HDR that much, at least not on smartphones. The fact th...

  • Anonymous

OLED is garbage and till recently has been plagued with unrealistic colors. OLED can't even reach the HDR standards so they created lower standards just so OLED tv and cheap LEDs can say they're HDR cabable original specs for HDR was a m...

"Mini-led has now officialy 0 black level as Oled" Citation needed. I was just speaking from my gut feeling, but after a quick search I found that the black levels are around 0.05 nits, not entirely 0. The increased local dimming ...

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