Mint Browser by Xiaomi now available on the Google Play Store

Prasad, 24 December 2018

Xiaomi has released its Mint Browser on the Google Play Store. A lightweight version of the browser that comes built-in to MIUI, Mint Browser is available to install on all Android devices running Android 4.4 and above.

Mint Browser is a lightweight browser, designed to consume fewer resources. Whether that's browser download size, install size, memory usage or data usage, it's a bit more frugal compared to some of the other browsers out there.

Mint Browser screenshots Mint Browser screenshots Mint Browser screenshots Mint Browser screenshots Mint Browser screenshots
Mint Browser screenshots

Due to its lightweight nature, it isn't particularly feature-rich but it does do all the basic stuff, including having an incognito mode. There's also a data saver mode provided that compresses images slightly to reduce data usage. There's no ad-blocker, however, a popular feature among mobile browsers these days. Your choice of search engines is also limited to the default Yahoo (which itself uses Bing) and Google. If you want to use something like DuckDuckGo then you'll have to set it as your default start page.

Mint Browser does include a night mode, a feature found on the MIUI browser. It turns web pages dark, making them much easier on the eyes at night. It works well mostly, although some sites or site elements may not work that well. Also, even when it does work it first loads the site in its original color and only turns it dark when it finishes loading, which means you'll keep getting flashed by a bright, white screen if you keep navigating.

The good thing about this browser is that there are no annoying ads, notifications, obnoxious promoted content, and a start screen full of dozens upon dozens of bookmarked promoted sites (yet) that now plague the MIUI browser.

The app is now available for free on the Play Store.



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