Missing FM radio support in US unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+ will be added in future update

29 March 2018

The FM radio feature in unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ units in the US isn't currently working, but will be enabled in a future update. The information comes courtesy of NextRadio, which issued a statement saying Samsung confirmed this to them.

Samsung mistakenly did not add the NAB FM API to the unlocked devices. Our team confirmed this with them a couple of days after release upon receiving reports the app did not work. Samsung has said it will be in the first update they do, but have not yet settled on a date.

Earlier this year, NextRadio announced that all upcoming Samsung smartphones in the US and Canada will have their FM chip unlocked.

While the feature is working perfectly fine in all carrier branded Galaxy S9 and S9+ units, users of unlocked units are currently out of luck, although now we know that will change soon.

The model numbers are SM-G960UI and SM-G965UI that do not currently work for FM. SM-G960U and SM-G965U are sold through carriers and do work for FM.