Mitac MIO 8380

Mitac MIO 8380

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  • Anonymous

really good fone

  • saravanan

this fon looking very nice and easy to use.some the future we can suft hotmail.i always use this phone to check my e-mail and reply..for other models fon they don have this net suft ..if we compare..i just brougt this fon this month..and i very happy to use and i will introduce to other people ..mio 8380 the best

  • Mokhlis Ishak

I just bought this phone 2nd hand from my friend today.The problem is the speaker and the ear piece for this phone 'spoilt' sound very terrible like an ocean wave.pls somebody can help me with this problem.How can this happened.thks.

  • lugher

I have 1 Mio8380 too sell. I am in Jakarta, Indonesia. I will sell it for IDR 2million(negotiable). Contact me 081808592894

  • Callum

Does anybody know if this phone is available in the UK coz i really would like it

  • Sirait

Is anyone who lived in Indonesia like to sell their Mitac 8380 ?
I like to buy it, please e-mail to me.
Or someone know where to buy this smart phone in Jakarta or Bandung ?
Please give me some information.

  • Amirul Rasyid

Hello Damien,

Can you please tell me..where to buy the phone in Malaysia..which shop, Phone Number ?.

  • ojie

I'm in indonesia, I have this problem with my Mitac MIO 8380, signal in my hand phone doesn't strong enough, sometimes no signal at all,Could anyone help me with my signal? is there any authorise dealer for sales and service in indonesia?

  • jason

i have 1 for sale..bought it on Jan2004 with 128MB MMC and many softwares and games added...selling at Rm850-900..whoever interested please e-mail me !thanks!

  • William

Great phone!! Got it for $250 (Singapore dollars) housing badly scratched but went to changed with the local company for it for $63!! Dirt cheap!! Highly recommended for pple who wants to try out phones other than Nokia motorola etc.

  • Damien Ng

Great phone, has everything expect for bluetooth. No worries, only complaint is it surface scratches easily and reception can be unkind. But for the price in Malaysia (RM1,000), about USD 200 it's a bargain!

  • bopink

good performance with a good price. if only it have bluetooth, the phone will be perferct.

  • wahyoe

economical and good shape

  • Birger Dethlefs

Please tell me the prise about this Handy.

Looking for short time thanks very much

best wishes to you and a merry x-mas

B. Dethlefs

  • adil siddiqui

great phone my freind has it and the features are truly fab

  • tjcombo

I got this phone, and the performance is not the best, but those functions are not to be found on any phone on market now! Thumbs up!

  • Faisal

this is the best phone! It has everything except bluetooth, no1 uses that very much any way!