Mitac MIO A702

Mitac MIO A702

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  • Anonymous
  • 7w4
  • 28 Jan 2014

i accidentally transferred progams folder from phone memory to mio recovery then the phone didnt function properly so when i pressed the reset button ,my password didnt work ,if anyone has any idea about this problem then please post a reply

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    • flv
    • St$
    • 14 Jan 2013

    how to change language in greek to english, can you help me please?

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      • flv
      • St$
      • 14 Jan 2013

      how to change language in greek to english, can you help me please?

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        • EON
        • n35
        • 17 Jul 2012

        Anonymous, 30 Jun 2010nah iphone isnt cool i say htcs are all iphone killersyou are right :))

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          • stacy
          • wYA
          • 23 Dec 2010

          i forgot my password and i cannot open my mio a702.what should i do?

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            • joex
            • v0q
            • 23 Sep 2010

            hi, i'm a mio a702 user for over a year. i have not encountered any problem not until today. the mio recovery partition seemed gone on my device. i tried sync my phone on the pc, still, it is not found. how will i restore mio recovery partition?

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              • Anonymous
              • 3Y1
              • 30 Jun 2010

              Marco Schuster, 15 Jun 2009I can only recommend HTCs smartphones - or maybe the iPhone... morenah iphone isnt cool i say htcs are all iphone killers

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                • Inks
                • 3pa
                • 13 May 2010

                js hunjan, 27 Aug 2008Hi, I have managed to sort out my problem. Turn tomtom on ... moreJust had the same problem. Baud 57600 and Comm2 also worked for me.

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                  • Razvan
                  • nD$
                  • 27 Oct 2009

                  no GPS software, not included Java, we did not run anything Java. has problems with setting the default keyboard, depending on installation language you use, you will find the translation error and differences in interface and shortcuts. no default keyboard emulation phone numbers on display, the buttons you can quickly delete. Phone or mail to contact the manufacturer for help, no updates for many bugs, etc.. I also bought a model from Romania, you can not find compatible applications just difficult and few, especially games.
                  My model has an internal partition of 1Gb .. about both
                  very bad english...

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                    • Marco Schuster
                    • 3p5
                    • 15 Jun 2009

                    Henry Gotfryd, 27 Nov 2008Dear Marco, It is truly wonderful to have an intelligent a... moreI can only recommend HTCs smartphones - or maybe the iPhone if you care for absolute coolness.

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                      • niko
                      • 0Zs
                      • 05 Apr 2009

                      could somebody tell me how can i do reinstall of the windows on my mio a702,my mail is
                      thanks a lot

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                        • florin
                        • pkr
                        • 30 Mar 2009

                        to mikimaus: no it cannot serve as a radar detector but some gps software (for example igo8) have the major video camera locations and there is a audio alarm when you approach any of them.
                        so install igo8 and the software will tell you when you get near any

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                          • Mikimaus
                          • nDC
                          • 15 Feb 2009

                          I've played with it in a store. It looks OK, but it comes without any maps. You have to buy them separately and it cost aprox. 200 Euro extra + aprox. 450 the phone....which is a lot. Any idea if you go to "the guys" they can install you the maps??

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                            • Condor
                            • n7E
                            • 14 Feb 2009

                            When the phone rings the GPS pauses and you answer the phone, that means you can talk, and the GPS comes back when you hang-up the phone.

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                              • Cristi
                              • msn
                              • 27 Jan 2009

                              Mikimaus, 11 Jan 2009To Romanian owners: I've heard that it works also as a rada... moreYou can answer and speak on the telephone while the gps is active and it does not work like a radar detector there are lists of radars and it alerts when you go near to that coordinate.

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                                • Mikimaus
                                • nDC
                                • 11 Jan 2009

                                To Romanian owners: I've heard that it works also as a radar/camera detector? Is this true?
                                And while using GPS, if you receive a call there are problems?
                                Thanks for the answers!!!!

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                                  • Zorba
                                  • Tq0
                                  • 08 Jan 2009

                                  I have had my A702 bought it in Thailand since almost the begining I have had a problem with sound I can and they can hear calls but no music or ringtones, Mio's so called service told me to take the 702 back to Tailand $1000.00 airfair but also where totaly unhelpfull for me and my friends never again any kind of Mio

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                                    • aura
                                    • 0Un
                                    • 02 Jan 2009

                                    I want to listen to the radio on the phone, but i can't install the MunduRadio application on my PC.Can you tell me how? Thanks

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                                      • Bob
                                      • pu{
                                      • 23 Dec 2008

                                      I'm somewhat puzzled as to why people are comparing this device to certain other products on the market, such as the N95 etc. Last time I saw an N95, it relied on a net connection to provide maps for the current GPS area and even still, it did not actually have any routing software (I'm open to correction here if the situation has changed). I've recently used an E66 (another Nokia GPS-enabled phone) and the maps seemed incredibly slow (scrolling/zooming etc). I've just purchased an A702 which came with routing s/w included, and of the maps of course therein. Map scrolling zooming was much better than with either of the Nokia devices mentioned above. Despite what I've said, I'm a Nokia advocate and was thinking to get an N82 (basically an N95 in different form factor) when I saw the A702, which seem to good value to pass up. I hope it will stand up to regular use as a phone, not juse as a PDA/GPS.

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                                        • pjeagar
                                        • mXP
                                        • 01 Dec 2008

                                        js hunjan, 27 Aug 2008Hi, I have managed to sort out my problem. Turn tomtom on ... moreI also am trying to get TomTom Navigator 6 to work on A702. I have downloaded TT onto 2GB microcard. When I put it in TomTom comes up but it trusted certificate. I saw your previous answer but how do you configure GPS and change the Baud rate?