Mitac MIO Explora K75

Mitac MIO Explora K75

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  • zoran

I'm testing one K70, that is actually K75. It is WM 6.1 OS, with Mio GPS navigation, which is exellent. I just cannot use touch screen instead of classic keys, but that is my problem. :)


I think this is the only WM phone with Touch Screen, 3G Ready, GPS, WiFi, Accelerometer, Bluetooth and INFRARED...

I dont know what would be its cost in India.

  • Mahjsa

Any ideas when and if this will come out in Europe?

  • Eugene

Christov, 03 Jun 2009 With all due respect, what a stupid first comment. Even a... moreChristov, this is a free forum and you have no right to be abusive,I am awaiting the K75 because the IRDA port it features (for my own reasons) and I stand by my Post.

  • Eugene

Impressive specifications, probably the only manifacturer to still feature an IRDA port. For that reason I will be buying, when it is released. irrespective of the cost.

  • Christov

With all due respect, what a stupid first comment. Even an exclamatory "I'm first!" would have been far more sensible.

Anyways, Looks a lot like the LG Prada, specs seems underwhelming but overall package? SWEET!

Just my opinion.

P.S. Second!

  • Anonymous

First to comment for k75 .
nice phone with everything.
But i would rather go with iphone