Mitsubishi M330

Mitsubishi M330

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  • Vikey
  • rJc
  • 10 Jan 2016

Py78, 15 Aug 2015Finally I get this phone, really new phone. Somebody sell w... moreWhere you buy I want one do you help me to buy

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    • Py78
    • xds
    • 15 Aug 2015

    Finally I get this phone, really new phone. Somebody sell with low price. Also I can buy another new battery for backup. Really I like this phone.

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      • garylan
      • RNx
      • 18 Oct 2013

      cubi, 04 Mar 2008i have Battery mitsubishi m330 help me please send to my em... morei want buy the battery how much,i have the phone,but battery problem

        • M
        • Muhammad Syazwan
        • PS6
        • 18 Aug 2009

        i really amazed with its performances especially in quality..however,i wanted to know whether they are this phone accessories sold in market.i wanted to buy a new battery because mine was corrupted due to water abbuse.i hoping some answer.

          • s
          • seVen_doLpHins
          • w6Z
          • 12 Aug 2008

          great phone.. my brother had it a couple years back.. sweet design and excellent menu and texting performance.. never had a problem with it.. too bad it's discontinued already.. i have positive sight for mitsubishi's mobile phones ;)

            • c
            • cubi
            • RKf
            • 04 Mar 2008

            i have Battery mitsubishi m330 help me please send to my email me mitsubishi m330 testmode problem

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              • KY
              • ibm
              • 02 Feb 2008

              Quite a good phone. Still using it since 2004. I do not want to change phone unless i find something like this. Infrared port comes in handy when you want to transfer phone number in the address book to your PDA. Also a my card function where you can easily send your personal details

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • PVg
                • 21 Nov 2007

                the best ever!

                  • A
                  • Alex
                  • ibc
                  • 01 Jun 2007

                  100% awesome phone
                  been using it till today !

                    • q
                    • queen_of_berries
                    • F4p
                    • 30 Oct 2006

                    M330 is a great phone even though it looked simple! My brother really loves this phone so much that he doesn't bear to sell it off despite he's having a new handphone now. I really loved Mitsubishi phones, they're simply EXCELLENT in terms of performance, functions & designs. Hope people outta can always support Mitsubishi!

                      • K
                      • Ken
                      • UDQ
                      • 04 Feb 2006


                      this m330 is excellent. classy and distinctive.

                      anyone can share, is it possible to replace the cover? is there any store to sell the cover?

                      i am in indonesia



                        • f
                        • fazly
                        • TS$
                        • 26 Jan 2006

                        i used this model about two years ago.i find it was excellent phone model that i had easy to use this phone.i think i will give 85% to this model.

                          • a
                          • arip
                          • TS7
                          • 04 Jan 2006

                          it's been 1 year, i use this phone.and i feel satisfied to use it,'s very simple to use...and the featured complete enough. thereis no problem about the lcd and battery....
                          a month ago, i almost to sell it...but i change my mind..coz i still like it...

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                            • Tham
                            • RIL
                            • 01 Jul 2005

                            Hello to every user of Mitsubishi M330 phone. The M330 built-in infrared port enables you to exchange pictures, reminders, contacts, your own details except tones. Besides, I've discovered that this phone can send its message to pc in order to organize your sms or mms inbox or outbox by using the software. I can't describe as more as detail because I didn't use the software before. You may download it from a Russia website:
                            Try this on your own convenience and sorry that I won't be responsible for any inconveniences.

                              • m
                              • maseeha
                              • PS@
                              • 29 Jun 2005

                              yea you can receive pictures and tones via IR port but you can only send pictures from phone to others using ir and not the tones... hope this answers your question..bye

                                • m
                                • mitsui
                                • TST
                                • 29 Jun 2005

                                my gprs/wap its look like not working...why?

                                  • d
                                  • dhaza
                                  • PRQ
                                  • 02 Jun 2005

                                  i was blessd by my dad who gave me this phone...its simple and cool..i just wnna know if i can get picture messages via infra...and could i send messages via infra too? i would really be thankful if my question was anwered...AIYA...dhaza

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • F4p
                                    • 21 May 2005

                                    this fone better than nokia colour no camera phone!! i bought last 2 year..its dam good!!the screen size..bigger!
                                    but 2 bad mine juz spoilt:(

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                                      • felicia
                                      • TST
                                      • 20 May 2005

                                      ds hp is gd.its cheap.i bought it on last yr march for rm288 oni.isn't it cheap?=) i bought it during digi hv many function tat many fon don hv wit ds price.too bad it cant send ringtones to d others by infrared n some of my frenz cal me selfish.haha.coz i ask them to send songs to me.d storage is not big enuf for msg,ringtones n pic.but overall its worth 2buy =)..neway anyone who kno wich website to find for ds hp ringtone plz reply..thanx ;)

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                                        • TCH
                                        • RIL
                                        • 19 May 2005

                                        Hmmm.... I discovered that the bottom of the Mitsubishi M330 phone got something like a port for cable, I wonder what is it for...