Mitsubishi M420i/M760

Mitsubishi M420i/M760

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too bland and looks like any samsung slider, not very original

  • matand

u just know that mitsubishi is gonna be making fones as good as their cars! - Go on mate... im havin this fone the day it comes out!

  • ibrahim bangura

i am still waiting on my mitsubushi code as time is running up

  • toddie shizzle my ni

oh lord i really want this phone!!! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mohamed zerad

I'got M420i ..I'lost my charger
I'need to by home cherger.because there is not here in uk..?
thank u verry much

  • Yibril

PS: This phone looks simply awesome.
Love it.
Want it.
Desire it.
Hate me fot not owning it.

  • Yibril

Samsung-Korean Junk???
Don't be ridiculous.
Samsung has been always a respected manufacturer of pretty much anything you can stick in your house.

Now reffering to phones. I have one. My mother has one, we love them. They work great. They are great. The Displays on Samsung are among the best on non-japanese brands (japs obviously got it going there).

So, rounding up... I'll have to say Samsung has never failed me. I don't care if it's Korean, Japanese, Bolivian or f****g Bantu. They're great phones.

  • syn

where to buy this M420i online? I need the i-mode version. Thanks..

  • Andy C

Sorry, but I feel so disappointed that I had to wrote these few lines. Shame that the “m420i Mitsubishi” phone comes on the market in 2005 and has no MP3 support for ring tones but disgusting polyphonic stuff.
I am sick just to hear any kind of ring tone that is not MP3 format. Polyphonic ring tones are really sucks!!
And the buttons on the top are so small that you need a needle to push them, awful!
Of course it is made of good quality. Terrible that there is no software for communication between phone and computer.
Get a No kia.

  • dimitar

what is samsung-korean junk, if you want to buy something realy value-only japanese!

  • Taifu

First of all, everyone should be known that i don't ever use this cell, but reading the features, something is OK & something is not satisfied me. A mobile which have a 256k color, 1.3mp camera with video and mp3 support, how can u imagine that it has only 19mb memory!!! This limitation makes the phone falling from the sky to the earth!! But decision can be made by user whether it is suit with him.Bye.

  • Orn

chill man no need to shout
sure the d500 is way better than the m420i
and no-one can argue than but sheesh stop with the shouting

  • Anonymous

Oh my god!!! What did you say? D500 owners should bu this instead? OH PLEASE!!!
You clearly know nothing about phone!!!

lemme show you!!!

1) M420i uses TFD LCD, while D500 uses TFT LCD (TFT is the finest LCD type used in mobiles)

2) M420i has MP3 player and 1.3 MP Camera but only 19 MB memory? And no card slot? PLEASE!!! for those who doesn't know, a single MP3 file would be about 4-7 MB!!! And a 1.3 MP picture would be about 200 KB!!! That's makes this phone a waste!!! D500 doesn't have a card slot but has a record breaking 96 MB user memory!!! Compare 19 MB to 96 MB!!! HELLO!!!

3) D500 has bluetooth for excellent connectivity!!! This M420i doesn't!!! And in case you don't know... bluetooth is a must for a good phone!!!

4) My god! M420i doesn't even support MP3 ringtones? Oh god! D500 has that! And it's another must for a good mobile!!!

And D500 has many more cool features this phone doesn't have!!! The lists keeps going on!!! How dare you compare!!! And even say this is better and even demand us to buy m420i instead? PLEASE!!!

  • kwame anim

mitsubishi phones are very powerful,i like it because it is the only phone i usde in my gold mining site whenever there is a network problem.

  • natalie

nice phone!!

  • mario

I like this mitsubishi because I have one. About D500, too expensive. M420i has a better design. for those who have a D500, buy yourself a M420i

  • Habeeb Mukarram

Welldone mitsubitshi, I really appreciate the effort of mitsubishi on this very model M420i, its really impressive with crazier camera work, but let me simply urge mitsubishi to improve this model by including bluetooth and memory/flash card in this model to give it more chances of winning in the market & to get more accustomed to the features people are familiar with ....more grease to ur elbow, MITSUBISHI - IMPROVE TO WIN ALL

  • Anonymous

M420i has MP3 Player?

  • mr.divine

the greatest phone, you must buy it!

  • chris

why waste your money on a d500? well if this mitsuibihi goes wrong where do you take it. A CAR DEALERS? yes yes 1.3 mega pixel but just coz the number is big it doesnt mean the pics will be full of quality! Oh yeh and 19mb of memory....i rest my case! Get a d500 a mixture of class performance and and easy to use format!