Mitsubishi M430i/M900

Mitsubishi M430i/M900

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  • Mithun

How can i get battery for my M430i mitsubishi . contact me :

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

Clive, 15 Sep 2011How can i get a Battery for my M430ijust buy any other

  • Clive

How can i get a Battery for my M430i

  • Clive

JC, 29 Nov 2006hey queen_of_berries, i have the phone too. why is it not s... moreHi Sir,
Would you please till me how i can get a battery for my phone, it ia a Mitsubishi. M430i.
Hope to here from you

  • kakadu

well nokia made boots before starting it's mobile business, so a car company which makes a lot of other stuff too, starting to make mobile phones doesn't really seem strange to me..

  • hook

mitsubishi not only make cars. they makes fighter aircrafts, nuclear power plants and trains.

  • roshan

its cool

  • Anonymous

I can't stop laughing. I never thought I would live to see the day when a car maker company starts or used to make cell phones. Haha brilliant. Besides there are other bigger more sophisticated companies out there that do make proper up to date phones, why are you wasting you time looking at mitsubishi other than for something that has 4 wheels?

  • ahmad

thats a great fone that i have use i cant forget this fone in my life

  • mahmod

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2008i have m430i he didnt play mp3 files ,songs????Please. You could get Svetoer support the Arabic language for mobile phone. MITSUBISHI M430I/M900

  • ΝΙΚ&#


  • erezua

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2006mitsubishi pls come out wif new phones pls! samsung and lg ... morewhy is it that my phonnnnnne infered is not working

  • erzua

why is that my infered is not working

  • Anonymous

i have m430i he didnt play mp3 files ,songs????

  • Nurse08

im having problem in opening the GPRS connections of this phone. iam a smart network user. can anyone tell me how?thanks

  • Anonymous

having difficulty finding a service center here in manila, philippines for my m430i unit, my cp got busted upon receiving a msg, after that, my cp cannot be turned on, and from now, it is still busted, i've been looking for a srvc center for my unit but i can't find any... can u help me?

  • jemali

My M430i die, it's not working, Please help me to find firware for it

  • l.

this phone is really big and heavy!!!

  • Oliviero

I have a M430i and I am very happy to this phone. I'm looking for a M900 firmware to upgrade my M430 wiith this firmware. Is there someone having the firmware? Currently the only option available is to sell the phone to Mitsubishi mobile center, not present in my region for this kind of operation. I ask the firmware to the official Mitsubishi site, but nothing to do. I'm also able to do the operation using the appropriate USB cable, but I need the firmware. Please If you have it let me know, I appreciate your friendly help, thanks.