Mitsubishi M800

Mitsubishi M800

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  • Dobre

Mitsubishi M800.
This phone is old like M222i / M21i / MT660.

  • Sageb1

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2007Why do you expect so much out of this phone... it was relea... moreResearch before you expect more?!!

  • Benten

Flagship killer pubg is the best for this mobile

  • Anonymous

not even newer mob like 6300 have 3g and you expect that a 2004 mob have it your mad

  • Anonymous

Why do you expect so much out of this phone... it was released in 2004

  • Rohit

Don't even think of buying this phone.It is really crap.No 3G,Bluetooth.don't buy it.


this phone seriously sucks, dont think of getting it. the only cool functions are probably the clearness of the cam and the LED. it does not have bluetooth and no decent ringtones. i cant even store more then 20pics, and it takes damn long to delete messages. I TOTALLT REGRET BUYING IT ):

  • Daniel Crerar-Gilber

I like the phone very much ! Why ? Because it's different ! In fact, I bought one for use in, China, and one for use in, Scotland. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion - if you like something for you, and it's suitable for your use,
why not buy it .....


  • Ori Gross

I saw an asian girl using this cell phone at the subway station in the center where I live. That outside display looked so cool, I can't even seem to find proper words for it.

However, the phone's specs really are as low as it gets. Mitsubishi should work on a 3G version of this phone with large internal memory.

Or some other company should get along with a cool design feature like this one's flashing cover ^_^.

  • hannah

hello i just wonted to no how much does it cost and dose it have a mp3 player cause i realy like it im thinking of buying it well please let me no thankyou.

  • mm`as

........ant whatta f... - 1,5 Mb ???????

  • Anonymous

- Second external flashing display

it clearly says its a display, cough

  • man

Hey what is that big heart thing doing on the phone if someone has more pics please show me

  • I am

I love this heart in front of the phone, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,I want it,give me it,but just one thing : Where´s the bluetooth??????????????

  • Anonymous

it´s beatiful closed but don´t do nothing I need a cool phone cause I´m a cool person

  • Anonymous

mitsubishi has always been 1 of the first major companies to catch up with ideas, that has (and will) make it seem almost as a future teller. we all know Mitsubishi makes fantastic good looking cars - and with fones like these, we're positive that in the coming years Mitsubishi fones will be like nokia etc. Go on keep up the good fones.

  • Anonymous

I think Misubishi should just stick to cars now!

  • Brian

The outlooking of M800 is not too bad at all, in fact it did caught my eyes in my 1st glance.

but 1.5m memory is totally pathetic, especially all the other competitors are pretty strong on that point.

The keyboard and the software are quite unresponsive,the UBS conncetion doesnt work efficiently either.

overall, i am disappointed. The true quality does not match with the looking of the phone.

  • Jenny

I am a 14 year old girl and i got this fone 4 my B'day. I was sooo happy wen i got it coz i read bout it on the net and it looked real cool....but then the problems started The camera totally SUX u can only store like 7 pics on it! my frend has 50 pic storage on her fone and it was the same price! nothing worx the keypad doesnt type rite it is sooo hard to send text coz the keys r like so unresponsive! The only reason i'm riting this post is soo that other pplz looking 4 a good fone will listen DO NOT GET THIS FONE! it is really bad! i'm getting a new fone 4 christmas! that is like not even a year of having this fone!

  • turbine

how happy was i to see this as a gift for my birthday I am a 29 year old man and I love this mobiles telephones it has a loveley looking design and best of all i can use all the features many goodness. My favorite is the monkey lover game where you have to see how many coconuts you can eat in 1 minute. The one problem is that it is unable to perform even most basic function like calls or text message. but monkey lover is very superb game!