Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse

Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse

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This phone was ahead of its time, because of the color display and the polyphonic ringtones!

  • AnonD-555088

After Mitsubishi bravely put out the 1st ever mobile (Trium Galaxy) with web browsing, I saw a year later, their 1st colour screen mobile was gonna be launched. Maybe not the 1st, but it was great and reliable. Had it 3 years, before making the awful error of trying to be hip and getting a Nokia. A Nokia 6280 slider....hmmm! I went backwards in internal memory with that pile of rubbish...a wopping 6mb! My 3 year old Trium had 17mb as I remember and with the explosion of mobile video clips....Nokia left me stranded. Then I find the pile of rubbish refused point blank to take the supplied 32mb card. Next day, took it into work, nicely protected. An hour later, tried to make my 1st call and notice the screen is split in two....NICE! Went back to my Trium for a few weeks, before getting the brilliant Sony K800i.

  • AnonD-555088


  • ahmed

i use it it was very very good mobile &cheap price

  • lc_grzybek

please send me application for tuning software...

  • Anonymous

i've had been using this phone for two years and i think this is phone with great software and too old hardware, but but in fact good one

i'm sorry i can't speak english good...

  • Anonymous

it is good phone i have it few years ago , it is pleasurable mobile

  • bieda

ever since my phone broke ive had to use this one (my old one) and i gotta say the software is great!! great big screen, record your music and view pictures is pretty much todays standards, just a shame it sooo big, but it was from 2001 so good on trium!! anyone have the eclipse XL???

  • wislam

I've had this phone for 3/4 years now. But initially I had major problems - as soon as I received it, the screen had lines running down. I got the manufacturer to replace 2 handsets with similar problems, then the 3rd phone I received worked well, until one day it crashed and never switched on properly. The manufacturer sent out the 4th handset which was fantastic. No crashing problems, works absolutely brilliantly and has been a great phone for the last 3/4 years. I use wap quite a bit, and recently WAP 2 has been released and websites have become a bit more advanced (XHTML), so WAP no longer works correctly with this handset. It doesn't have any phone memory for SMS, which was a major down point. And the battery (NiMH) lasts about 3 days, even after so many years.

It's a dated phone, and there's much better replacements, such as Samsung's C180 / C170 with similar features but much thinner and lighter.

The trium phones were absolutely fantastic because of their low price and great screens, especially displaying small text with clarity. I guess the Sagem's now hold this place of the market - as budget phones.

  • Anonymous

It sorta looks like, you know how you have you actual home phones, the cordless ones, well this cell looks exactly like one ;P

  • Hamada

Although this was my first mobile i bought but really fantastic mobile.
Greeeeeeeat cheap phone

  • coledeni

i bought this phone four days ago and it shows a first aid kit and then goes off can i have the software to fix it and can anyone who had such a phone help me out! you can write to my yahoo adress.

  • fortinbras

Oops - didn't put e-mail last time!

Can anyone advise on approximate lifespan of battery for Trium Eclipse.

  • Fortinbras

Can anyone advise on approximate lifespan of battery for Trium Eclipse.

  • gulzar shaikh

Respated Sir,
I 'm using your cited mobile its very nice,
i'm facing one problem that my set doesn't start fully, my set show only your logo then it goes off. Please give advice to me via e-mail


  • gulzar shaikh

sand me softwear of trium eclipse via e-mail

  • hemant Sapkal

as already sent massage regrding Trium Eclipse software availibilty, only I miss to quote my email adddress properly
Regards sapkal

  • hemant Sapkal

It's been 4 years I am using trium phone. It has very good basic features & quality service in severe condition. But from last one year phone shows first aid kit & then goes off. I repair it thrise. But I want software of this phone on my PC to repair myself,because I don't want to discard this piece.
Regards sapkal

  • +2348028669645

its so painful that i cannot activate my wap on my (MTE)phone becos vmobile cannot do it...pls what should i do since i love this phone so dearly...they are asking for the model number,EG (M342i)...ur speedi response will make me happy

  • neeraj

hi sir,
i wanna software(data cable software) of the model moreover plz give the manual of the software and how to use it.
do it sir plz.