Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy

Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy

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This phone looks so cool for its time, I'd love to own it one day. :)

  • SRV

My first phone, purchased it in 2002. I love this phone

  • AnonD-555088

Brilliant reliable phone with one advantage over all others at the time.....It was the 1st mobile ever to have web browsing. I was laughing when all my office colleagues could not believe I had the (limited) web on my phone and all their Nokias didn't! As the weeks went by, the couple hundred web pages grew and grew, making it fairly useful to browse. Got the colour Trium Eclipse after and that was impressive too.

  • AnonD-474875

the most stupidest phone ever

  • ukr

my first mobile phone/love :)

  • AnonD-25347

here it is, my first mobile phone!!!!

  • Aceman

This was also my very first phone back in 2000... :D

  • sheru

iphone and samsung galaxy s2 are inspired by this phone lolllllll love this phone as this was my first phone had many problems with it .....thrown it last month.......RIP..

  • AnonD-8676

this is a superphone!!!

  • Ali Gaza

like Samsung Galaxy s II typical

  • Anonymous

best phone on da planet beats the iphone anyday lol

  • maer

im thinking about buying this phone, im from kazahstan and i would like to know if it has wi-fi

  • fan Trium

very good cell phone,acces hand free,acces antena yagy external vhen in montain travell,conversation is claire audible,but the display generation in 1999 is low contrast and led lumination light is green,not have led white color,wery good telephone,but have trouble when the book phone is full 100 number,and you save another number phone,the telephone blok key and not put call ani number,one comand function is on power phone and after 20second the phone automatik set off power,not exist driver for repair an acces for delete phone book in the phone,the phone have data acces conector but if not exist driver,ned to by anoder phone

  • Ram

My first phone ever in 2000. Used it for about 1 year and sold it for a good price. Still love it.

  • Alex

This phone looks very boring in it's shape and style. It also to me looks very bland and very old, which it is.

  • carlos

Abdul Wajid, 29 Nov 2002A good phone and at the same time I could not understand wh... moreGo to settings, press select, go to tones press select, go to volume press select adjust any of the selections you see RING RAMPING KEY CONVERSATION

  • carlos

Gerry Rosales, 30 Jan 2004Where can I buy this handphone? Please help me. Thanks.Gerry I have one trium is in good shape still workimg really a war horse never let you down but there is a trouble even when the battery is still working, only last few hours and dont know where to buy it. If you dont care i can sell it to you.

  • Anonymous

my first phone. great for the few months i had it. quickly realised how ugly and pathetic it was!

  • nikki sixx

My first mobile. great phone

  • sm8

1st ever phone, loved and cherished it, had internet which i was amazed by, looked cool and sounded great, was excellent at that time, brilliant reliable n classy. technology has changed sooooooooo much, i have now a d600e and in a few years that will be what this trium is like (old and unwanted and basic).