Mitsubishi Trium Geo-@

Mitsubishi Trium Geo-@

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  • Peter Baker

This is not a bad little phone but I got mine from BT CellNet in UK and when I came to use it with a Eurpean SIM from another provider I found it was SP locked (Service Provider locked). I got the message "Wrong SIM inserted: phone locked"
This is an enormous pain in the ass because BT CellNet are almost deliberately obstructive about unlocking ("unlatching") it. The phone can still be used perfectly well with BT CellNet but that is not the point. I have discovered there is an outfit at that claim to unlatch this phone for 15 but I think they use a cable to do something to the handset. That worries me a little because I have read that it is possible to damage or adversely alter a handset by "flashing" or whatever when using a special data cable. So instead I am hopeful that BT CellNet will finally use my Imei number to obtain a handset code (and a password perhaps?) for me to punch in to do the job (I expect it to have taken at least 14 days since I first made the enquiry) plus an enormous number of heavy complaint type emails and phone calls to various levels of management to make it happen. Just thought I'd share the experience with anyone else planning to use another SIM in their Trium Geo-@.

  • Andrew Marriott

It's a brilliant phone but where are these games that everyone says should be on it.

  • Mark Brown

Very nice phone - fast wap access but where are the games that I see mentioned everywhere? I have had the phone for 8 months now and haven't found a single game :(

  • rolin

I have changed the ringtones of my Trium Galaxy with a data cable and Trium Contact Data software. I suppose it will work for Geo as well.

  • James Duncan

Would be nice to change the ringtones - anybody WHO HAS CHANGED THE RINGTONES please contact me - you will be rewarded!

  • Alex Davies

it is a really good phone at a very cheap price of 29.99 it was really worth it on pay as you go