Mobiado m|CUBE is an iPhone charger that costs as much as an iPhone 6s

George, 08 January, 2016

Now, we understand that a smartphone can be a fashion statement, but a charger? Apparently, Mobiado thinks you'll need an extra outlet to express your sense of style, and that comes in the shape of a glass/metal cube.

The m|CUBE charger supports iPhones going back to the iPhone 5 (in other words ones with a Lightning connector), and suspends them in the air in what the company calls a "unique levitated position". We call it putting a strain on said connector, with the 192g iPhone 6s Plus suffering the most.

Three color options are available, the plain ones being Black Satin and Silver. You'd definitely want to get the Guilloche version, though, for maximum style points. That one will set you back $675, which is $26 more than a 16GB iPhone 6s. Charger fashion statements don't come cheap.

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  • AnonD-449300

it would be great if they cut half of their budget gadget like this and spent the cash for helping people needed out there..... Overpriced things like diz with standart functionalities and wear ''style'' as name..... Just made uniq layer standart cha...

  • AnonD-9000

back to the first post..what does BB hv to do with overpriced charger?

  • Player 1

as expensive as the iphone.. LOL