Mobile World Congress 2009 Live coverage

17 Feb, 2009

Latest updates

Toshiba TG01 live UI demo (24 Feb 12:30)
Motorola A3100 and AURA live photos (23 Feb 19:15)
Gigabyte g-Smart S1200 and MS820 live photos (23 Feb 18:30)
Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 live video (23 Feb 18:00)
Sony Ericsson Idou, W995, C903 and W395 live photos and video (23 Feb 16:30)

MWC 2009 overview

Nokia unveil N86 8MP, this time it's as official as it gets
Nokia in Barcelona: Email, navigation on S60 3rd

Nokia N86 8MP - specs • hands-on with camera samples
Nokia E75 - specs • hands-on
Nokia E55 - specs • hands-on
Nokia 6720 classic - specs • hands-on
Nokia 6710 Navigator - specs • hands-on
Nokia 6700 classic - specs • hands-on
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic - specs • hands-on

Samsung in Barcelona: Omnia HD and the gang, touch and OLED aplenty
Touchscreen marathon continues with Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH

Samsung i8910 Omnia HD - specs • preview • hands-on with camera and 720p video samples
Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH - specs • preview • hands-on with camera and video samples
Samsung M7600 Beat DJ - specs • preview • hands-on
Samsung M6710 Beat DISC - specs • hands-on
Samsung S7350 Ultra s - specs • preview • hands-on
Samsung S7220 Ultra b - specs • preview • hands-on
Samsung S3500 - specs • preview
Samsung S3110 - specs
Samsung i7410 - specs • hands-on
Samsung T929 Memoir - specs
Samsung B5702 - specs
Samsung C3050 - specs
Samsung C3010 - specs
Samsung C3110 - specs
Samsung C5212 - specs • preview

Sony Ericsson teases with 12 MP Idou, Hikaru turns into W995
Sony Ericsson announce C903 and C901 Cyber-shots along with W395

Sony Ericsson Idou - specs • press conference • hands-on with video
Sony Ericsson W995 - specs • press conference • hands-on
Sony Ericsson C903 - specs • hands-on
Sony Ericsson C901 - specs
Sony Ericsson W395 - specs • hands-on

LG Renoir back in black as KC910i, gets an overhaul
LG in Barcelona - KM900 Arena, GD900, GM730, GC900 and the rest
LG KM900 Arena multimedia powerhouse is as official as it gets

LG KM900 Arena - specs • hands-on with camera samples
LG GM730 - specs • hands-on
LG KC910i Renoir - specs • hands-on
LG KT770 - specs • hands-on
LG GD910 - specs • hands-on
LG GB250 - specs
LG GB220 - specs
LG GB102 - specs
LG GB130 - specs
LG GM310 - specs

Android-based HTC Magic is on, no QWERTY keyboard this time
HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro get upgraded to ver. 2

HTC Magic - specs • hands-on
HTC Touch Pro2 - specs • hands-on
HTC Touch Diamond2 - specs • hands-on
HTC MAX 4G - specs • hands-on

Acer gets into smartphones with M900, F900, X960 and DX900

Acer M900 - specs
Acer F900 - specs
Acer X960 - specs
Acer DX900 - specs

Toshiba unleashes the TG01 - the uber-smartphone to rule them all

Toshiba TG01 - specs • hands-on

i-Mate 810-F - specs • hands-on

Gigabyte brings on g-Smart S1200, g-Smart MS820 sneaks back in

Gigabyte g-Smart S1200 - specs • hands-on
Gigabyte g-Smart MS820 - specs • hands-on

Motorola A3100 - specs • hands-on
Motorola AURA - specs • hands-on


Reader comments

  • Zepol 131

I dont know but that can be a Reasons: *winmo, don`t suport 16 colors displays. *use 16m displays use more "cpu" at 65k, and that do slow phone. *16m displays use more battery and the planet cant suppor that(LOL).

  • Anonymous

Because WinMo generally only displays 65K - it's the WinMo and hardware mix. Not sure if JPG and Movie's will be played in 16M color though.

  • vagiaap

HTC doesn't make phones with 16M displays (only with 65K). Why?