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  • Anonymous
  • Sq1
  • 25 Sep 2022

mini phone similar Samsung Armani

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    • Anonymous
    • mpv
    • 15 Jun 2018

    ahmed, 18 Dec 2013Is this android version?no

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      • akshay agrawal
      • ute
      • 28 Sep 2016

      what to say about micromax company ,i have perches two micromax modu t (x60) from snepdeal .com after eight month i face problem in handset i contact micromax company after passing more then two years they refer five service center out of them four close its take at last i visit on friends care uluberia,howrah he recive hand set on 2013 and given after one year 22.11.2014 with any repair because they don't now more about it but made the bill amount rs.400/- (told me charge at home and check or any problem then come to .me) then i have send micromax modu t handset to company on 16.04.2014 to micromax pcompany i can say how far this service center from my home, (now before one year i see micromax service center in bally near by me he told this handset has been stop.and you will not get any parts any were.before one week i send letter to micromax company he told hand stop and no body sale in manufacture warranty i have send person and online company with company warranty .AS PER COMPANY MONIES OR TERM THEY WILL REPLACE HANDSET THEN WAY THEY SEND ME TO SERVICE CENTER .now handset micromax company have in delhi -28 and another i have.micromax company stop sale micromax modu t handset or any parts start sealing micromax modu t parts about three four month after four year.and sorry to snepdeal has sale lots of micromax modu t handset but he even not sale single battery its mean handset life approx one year and highest .i now micromax company will not replace single handset then i request please rutted back my send micromax modu t(x60) handset .then out of two handset i may able to made one handset.i have all related document.
      thing you, your faithfully
      akshay agrawal

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        • Diamond Gehlot
        • tUf
        • 08 Jan 2016

        Does it support WhatsApp

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          • seneka21
          • dW5
          • 26 Nov 2015

          Does anyone know how to use GPS on Modu T ?
          Best Regards

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            • Elor
            • nY}
            • 06 Mar 2015

            Weight is 81.5G, and it has an attachable camera, type 3.15MP (1536*2048)
            Phonebook may contain up to 800 adresses.

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              • mcdm
              • B{e
              • 22 Feb 2015

              can i download bbm and things?

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                • AnonD-263606
                • smG
                • 03 Feb 2015

                Sudhir, 27 Oct 2014Can I use Whatapp on modu t ?Whatsapp program? - No

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                  • Sudhir
                  • tYV
                  • 27 Oct 2014

                  Daian O., 20 Sep 2014I have used this phone for 9 months. I was very pleased by ... moreCan I use Whatapp on modu t ?

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                    • Daian O.
                    • 0Up
                    • 20 Sep 2014

                    I have used this phone for 9 months. I was very pleased by it. Battery was good, with one charge I could use it 3 or even 4 days. It is a sexy phone, so unbelievable small, people were surprised to find out that it is a real phone :-)

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                      • Sharma
                      • uuI
                      • 30 Aug 2014

                      Dear User this model is verygood ... But Battery life is just 2 hrs.

                      Battery life is 2hrs then automatically switch off.

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                        • wise 1
                        • 0Em
                        • 29 Jul 2014

                        Nikhil, 12 Jun 2013I have been using modu for the past one monthn and so far i... moredelete old messages

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                          • Mats
                          • wdM
                          • 29 Jul 2014

                          Dont buy it... i have this mobile and battery life sucks. Its working for 4 hours a day only.

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                            • sujonBD
                            • uNV
                            • 21 Jul 2014

                            Gnatmas, 02 Jul 2014Hi, you can get one from eBay uk! They will send world wide... moreok..thanks

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                              • Gnatmas
                              • m7f
                              • 02 Jul 2014

                              sujonBD, 23 May 2014dear friends, I want to buy this mobile anyhow. is it av... moreHi, you can get one from eBay uk! They will send world wide, in clusive the camera modul, and the stand ( bostify) module which one can op lay music whilst charing for a inclusive price, including pp for £44 British pound.
                              I have just bought 2 as present.
                              Kind regards.

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                                • nickanor
                                • m{T
                                • 07 Jun 2014

                                Anonymous, 05 Jun 2014How to install french language on my modu T ?Not Others Languages

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Mn$
                                  • 05 Jun 2014

                                  How to install french language on my modu T ?

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                                    • sujonBD
                                    • uNV
                                    • 23 May 2014

                                    dear friends,
                                    I want to buy this mobile anyhow.
                                    is it available in india ?
                                    Please specify me the address where I may get one unused.
                                    not getting here in bangladesh. I have relative in west bengal so I am able to bring one if available. ..
                                    thanks in advance.

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                                      • AnonD-263606
                                      • smG
                                      • 14 May 2014

                                      How to make a russian language? May be solved this problem)

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                                        • puma
                                        • t@y
                                        • 24 Apr 2014

                                        ahmed, 18 Dec 2013Is this android version?no, it's BREW; some kind of mobile os