More OnePlus 7 cases hit the web, show the selfie camera peeking up from the top

Yet more cases for the OnePlus 7 have surfaced (here’s the previous batch). They show the taller hole for the triple camera on the back as well as a hole on top for the selfie camera to go through.

The 3.5mm audio jack isn’t making a return, the bottom only has cutouts for a USB-C port and the loudspeaker, plus two microphones.

OnePlus 7 cases

The top hole for the selfie camera is interesting, though. It has beveled sides so it doesn’t obstruct the view of the camera. The case is still thick enough to protect the camera in case of a fall – assuming the camera is retracted, of course.

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  • Anonymous

Either live up to the latest tech or buy phones that have 3.5 jack stop spammin stuff like this that no one cares about im sick of seeing these comments

  • Anonymous

Well, I like the camera solution. No waste of display space for notches or holes and for people like me, who don't do selfies and use the front camera maybe once every few months, the durability of the mechanism is not an issue. Unfortunately the lac...

  • Anonymous

OnePlus have settled their image is overpriced junk with no features change my mind.