More Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 carnage: watch it crush and get crushed by fruit

26 January 2019

In case you are not in the loop on Xiaomi's latest escapades, these are very much focused on the recently-released Redmi Note 7 handset. In keeping with tradition, it is an affordable ($150 or so) phone, packing-in quite a bit of value, with specs like a large 6.3-inch LCD, hefty 4,000 mAh battery and a 48MP Quad-bayer main camera.

But non of that is why you are here or the reason behind sub-brand CEO Lu Weibing's ongoing ad campaign for the phone. The latter is clearly focused on showcasing the durability of the product. We've already seen the Redmi Note 7 smashing walnuts, rolling down the stairs, being stomped and being used as a cutting board. Now we have yet another pair of clips to enjoy and it's pretty clear that the endeavour has taken on a distinctly "fruity" theme at this point.

The first clip has the Redmi Note 7 smashing a watermelon "head first". While the other shows Lu Weibing dropping what we believe is a sizeable durian fruit on the poor phone. Both, naturally, ending with no distinguishable damage to the handset.

Frankly, this kind of reminds us of of a certain Oppo ad campaign for the R5 way back in the day. That one, however, was more focused on the "razor sharp" thin profile of the device. Still, a nice throwback.

And to Xiaomi's credit, despite its affordable price point, the Redmi Note 7 does sport Gorilla Glass 5 protection. Plus, although not officially advertised, it did turn out to be sort of water-resistant upon disassembly. Although, we don't really advise anybody to test out the latter on their own unit.

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