Moto X4 now $249 on Project Fi

George, 03 February 2018

You can now grab a Moto X4 for the heavily discounted price of $249 on Project Fi, Google's virtual operator proudly tweeted. That's a significant $150 chunk off its usual retail price. Naturally, the deal comes with a requirement for a new plan activation, but that's usually the case.

The Moto X4 packs a 5.2-inch FullHD display in a stylish glass and aluminum body. The Snapdragon 630 is in charge of number crunching delivering good performance and efficiency, while the ultra wide one of the two cameras on the back is a standout feature. Oh, and being an Android One device, the Moto X4 you can get on Project Fi is guaranteed to get timely updates.

We weren't as thrilled with the Moto X4's portraits when we had it over for review, but a discount makes an even stronger case for an already easy to recommend phone.



Reader comments

Here in Slovakia i bought mine in middle of October for 392 eur and i can honestly say its a gruesome phone. Especialy CPU and Battery. I never know a 3000 mAh on a heavy gaming could last more than a 6 hours. But this phone is really something...

  • AnonD-718735

i wonder where to buy this in ph.

  • Anonymous

Before opening your mouth, kindly check the function of the phone. Did you know tat you can use one button navigation on this phone by using the FP?? meaning no on screen button anymore. 1gn0r@nt..

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