Moto Z2 Force is now $720 at Motorola, already $80 cheaper although it's still on pre-order [Edited]

Vlad, 01 August 2017

Edit: Motorola has reached out to clarify that the pricing for the Moto Z2 Force wasn't intentionally priced at $800. Here's the statement from Motorola:

"The $799 was an error when the site initially launched. The pricing for Moto Z2 Force Edition starts at $30/month and always has, and may vary depending on which carrier is selected."

At the event, we do recall hearing $30/month. So don't give 'em a hard time.

Original story follows:

A new smartphone receiving a price cut while it's still on pre-order definitely is surprising, but that's exactly what's happened to Motorola's Moto Z2 Force. Scheduled to become available in the US on August 10, it went on pre-order at the company's online store for a hefty $800. Starting today, however, you can pre-order one for just $720.

Why would this happen? Well, in lieu of an official explanation we're going to have to assume that sales of the device at the initial $800 price point were less than stellar. So the company decided to make the Z2 Force a more appealing package by handing it a 10% price reduction.

If you pre-order you still get a free projector mod, by the way, so there doesn't seem to be a catch for this new price point. Coincidentally, $720 is exactly the same price as the Z2 Force's predecessor was sold for last year.

Of course all of the above only applies if you buy your Z2 Force straight from Motorola. Carriers have different (read:higher) prices, and none of them have done any cutting up until this point. Maybe that's bound to happen soon, there's no way to tell just yet.



Reader comments

  • .alpha
  • 02 Aug 2017
  • ytx

Yeah, price mistake. In a few days, $720 will be a price mistake as well and the "actual" price is $600. Lenovo and Moto are scammers. I won't buy their phones especially when they shrink battery to push you to spend extra $80 getting battery mod

  • NoNaMe
  • 02 Aug 2017
  • 3L@

Good luck anyway. There'll be no success.

  • AnonD-672407
  • 02 Aug 2017
  • PZi

In India, this is rumored to be sold at 39000 (612$), if I recall correctly from a previous leak. This is way way less than the ridiculously priced S8, which goes for Rs 57900 (906$). And looks much better too, imo. I prefer a sleek metal tool to a f...

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