Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid get their first software updates, July security patch included

Vlad, 29 August, 2016

Today Motorola's latest flagship smartphones are finally starting to receive their first ever firmware updates. We're talking about the Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid, the Verizon-exclusive devices that went on sale last month.

The new update arrives over-the-air as a 436MB download, and installation should take about 20 minutes according to Motorola. There's no detailed changelog yet, but the company says it includes "enhancements, improvements and the latest Android security updates".

However, the word "latest" really shouldn't be in there because after applying this update you'll have the July security patch level. Obviously the August fixes are already out, and in a few days Google should release the September patch.

Anyway, the updated build number for the Moto Z Droid and Force Droid is MCL24.246-36, which you will see in the About section of your Settings after successfully installing it.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-584141

I have the Moto Z Force Droid from Verizon Wireless. The phone seemed fine until the phone was recently updated with a patch for Android 6.0.1. Now all of my notification tones and ringtones are much lower in volume and very difficult to hear in all...

  • Anonymous

I am apology that you actually did not mention mobile is fully secured. but you need to understand eliminate 90% of discovered security problems is not enough and hackers may still find a way to get your credit card infomation. One thing I go...

  • Anonymous

Check on the new article today. New-malware-discovered-in-Play-Store-apps-could-pose-a-threat-for-corporate-users. Just another good example. There is always someone that could out smart you. Turning off NFC and Bluetooth are just make you less...

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