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  • Afriandri

I'm new user for Mot A780. I've found difficulties on :
1. Searching a contact is to slow
2. writing using handwriting is to slow, it let me prefer use a keyboard.

any answer how to solve these problem? or it just what we got for A780


  • Corporate Rock

I wonder why is it nobody has the settings for Tmobile. All i see is cingular, i know people with Tmobile own this phone as well. Do anyone know how to get aol instant messenger on this phone.

  • paul

can you view jpegs on this phone? can you transfer jpegs to the phone? thanks

  • paul

I would love to buy this phone...the only thing I need to know is if I can use my fingertip on the touchscreen instead of the stylus...thanks!!

  • chris

Very cool. Much appreciated, how did you find this out??

  • Anonymous

The Opera setting for the Motorola a780 are a little different then the standard settings for Cingular. Open the Oper browser go in to setup and edit the profile. The Primary gateway IP is
66-209-11-32. The port is 8080 not 9201. Try this and the browser will work perfect. If it doesn't download the new Oper mini browser for free at

  • david

thnx for your help. i appreciate it.
you're right, opera mini is much better. don't know why it didn't come with the phone, instead of the other version. perhaps they didn't have the mini version at the time.
in terms of setting up my email, i still haven't successfully configured it yet. i can't seem to find the proper IP address for to complete the incoming server field ..... i called verizon & spoke to 3 different people there & they are all incredibly incompitant. so i gave up.
but i did figure out how to retrieve voicemail properly:
1. go to mail box
2. tap the 3-strip bar on lower left corner & go into 'service setup', then go to 'voice mail'
3. just put in your cell number & it will dail it everytime you hit 'retrieve' from the voicemail promp
thnx again & let me know if you are able to send/recieve mms; i still can't,
happy holidays,
new york city

  • chris

As far as voicemail, I just set my number 1 turbo dial to my voicemail number.

  • chris

I don't have EDGE in my area so I cannot offer much help there.
I had no problem setting up my POP3 email through the email setup. Just make sure that you use the IP address of the mail server and not the name( vs.
As I stated before the built in Opera web browser sucks. Download opera mini from the opera web site(for free), it works great.

  • david

this is to dave & chris or anyone who can help,
1. like chris, i also subsribe to cingular. i got a settings for the internet on this site back in april & it works, but only on very limited sites, such as yahoo & google. it used to be able to go onto ebay but now it fails for some reason. whenever i surf, the G always appears. i've never even seen the E icon. how do i switch it on? what's the difference? i figure that E means EGDE technology. is it more advance than G?
2. i was told back when that there's no settings for email on this phone, is it still correct? i've been accessing my email thru going on the web. is there a more direct way, like what the blackberry does?
3. i can't send or recieve mms? settings?
4. i can't retrieve voicemails directly. i always have to dail my own number to get it that way .... again, settings?
i appreciate it if anyone can help with any of the above questions. merry x'mas

  • Jan Meeuws

when i first set de time in the phone, i mistake. i put in the jear 2006.
At that time the copiolot works perfect.
Then i chance my mystake and chance the yeat to 2005. If i now start copilot, i get a mesage that the time is changest and that i put back to the firt (the rong year) if i do that than he works again. (but then my agenda is rong) How can i solve that problem.

  • Anonymous

is this one a2dp and arvcp compatible? i bought an e680i which came with the stereo headset unfortunately i was held up so i now only have the headset. wanna know if this unit can use that before i buy it or else i'll just by myself another e680i

  • sergio

has is FM radio as e680i?

What about screen size (inches)?

Can anyone help me please?

  • jlenteng

I bought this phone 4 months ago. Till now still can't get the software for the phone.

Anyone here know where to get the software and games for this phone

  • brownie

my hp cant work anymore.this happen after i try out the new theme fr d internet..then i reset it.then it cant be switch on anymore..can sumbody plz help me plz!!I REALLY LIKE THIS PHONE..this phone got better display then xda II mini..then other phones..

  • Hesham Desouky

Is there any available application to edit office documents through this phone

  • A Corporate Rock

I was wondering do anyone have T-mobile settings for this phone. i saw that people already posted the numbers needed to make this phone work on a cingular account and i was wondering if people have the t-mobile numbers as well. Thanks to all that read this. one more thing on which version of the games works on this phone, or is it any j2me

  • Dave

I have the Singapore version of the A780, which unfortunately does not come with the IM client activated. It simply reads "offline" in the status bar, and there is no way to turn it "online." Does anyone know of a way that I can activate the IM client on this phone?

  • Dave

One more thing... I'm not sure what UNC stands for...

  • Dave

Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. (I'm not sure, but I think your response was intended for me.) Anyway, I'm not sure you understood my question. My question was related to trying to connect to the Internet and email when the phone isn't in Edge mode. (Depending on the area I'm in, my phone doesn't always display the Edge icon.) When not in Edge mode, the phone attempts to connect using the phone's CSD settings. This is where I have the problem because my phone won't connect using the CSD settings.
By the way, you mentioned entering IP addresses for the email. I use AOL, which doesn't use POP3. AOL uses IMAP. IP addresses don't work for me, either. I have to use for the send setup and for the receive setup.
Again, thanks for the reply though.