Motorola A810

Motorola A810

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  • Anonymous

i bought this phone recently...
great phone for its price, but never buy it if you love music...u can hardly hear the loudspeaker in noisy places...really embarassing when my friends Nseries screams....

  • Sudyut

It's a slim, low cost, touch screen phone. All the features are okey except the speaker volume & battery back up. Also it has problem with reading the memory card video & audio files while using the softwares other than the given ones.

  • Fani

I bought this phone 3 months back, Looks good. My observation is Battery back up is low, Ring volume is low and required few updates in Software for getting missed calls and dialed number. As of now it is inconsistent. Requires majorly OS update for battery backup and Sound.

  • Arman Arshi

i would like to know why the loudspeaker when in radio mode doesn't work.please will someone tell me about how to get going on that.

  • Tech33

Vikram, 17 Jan 2009Guys you can download and install the real Player in this phone ... moreIs the real player working correctly ?? means able to access memory card without problem
plz upload it ASAP

  • Vikram

Guys you can download and install the real Player in this phone and it has worked for me.
Will upload it very soon.

  • Vikram

@ Priya
You need to Download a Java Software called E-Buddy
But it takes a lot of time, to log in it requires some settings in that software . I tried configuring the Settings by trial and error method, but didnt work.

  • Priya

Anybody know how to access google talk in this mobile. I am able to check gmail in my mobile, but want to use gtalk also.


  • Anonymous

does the wireless bluetooth headset of moto rokr work with this phone not only for talking but can i hear music with it?

  • sundeep

Its an Awesome phone for its price range... i feel it would have been even better if the audio output would have been louder...

  • Tech33

Hi i recently submitted my A810 Phone to Service Center due to battery problem
After testing the phone for 1 day they called me up and said
there is problem in Firmware not in battery then i talked to the Technician
he told me that A810 O.S (firmware) is responsible 4r its low backup he said me that Motorola has launched a up new Firmware upgrade which will address this issue
Since the service Center was not having this Firmware now They will install it on my phone after one week he also assured me that if u r not satisfied they will replace my battery Lets C u ppl can also upgrade ur firmware 4r free

  • Anonymous

My sister has this phone. works for in ad agency has 1.5 - 2 hrs of talktime everyday , then to her battery is 50% i guess people don't understand the battery meter!. while charging if the battery meter stops MEANS YOUR BATTERY IS FULL!!

  • raaj

iam using a810 since last 3 weeks,some of my friends were saying they r not comfertable with this but i feel it is good and valuable handset...

  • Dude_45

its nice but too pricey
i still might buy it
cause the 2mp cameras great


  • Gilbert pondicherry

1.At the time of requirement the Message option does not open n not recieved.
2.battery backup very bad.

  • Anonymous

motorola a810::
Just before 1 week i bought this phonr. this phone is really waste of your mistake i bought it..
no driver software itself not proper...useless...


hi my name is kashmir ranoutt.
ima an customer of motorola phones.
i have an moto-yuva a-810.
its a very comphertable phone.

  • Anonymous

san, 23 Dec 2008no themes can be uploaded wallpapers never cover the full screenDude wait 4r some time since this phone OS has changed a lot so it will take some time 4r the hackers to crack the code but once it is cracked m sure that it will be 1 of the best modded phone :)with lots of theme nd applications watch this sample
Android OS on A810 :)
to me operator logo sucks more then full screen wallpaper :)

  • phani kumar(ANDHRA)

Supriya, 13 Dec 2008I am confused between MotoROKR E6 and Moto A810. Both are touchs... moreHIIIIII
MY SINCERE SUGGESTION IS TO OPT FOR motorkr b'cz it supports realplayer in which A810 doesnt.
and the sound clarity will be more abnd great enough in MOTORKR..
so u please go for it....
u will judge better for ur money 2...
thank u c u

  • @ San

Ya i know thats really bad that we cannot upload themes...but u can try uploading skins.....
Try this website
may be u might find something intersting about motorola phones...
and Wall papers do cover the full screen..but u can see it..because u have the menus shortcut on the screen....