Motorola A835

Motorola A835

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  • observer

this had the first tool that know is like a normal feature wonder full

  • Guti MANI

theophilus nunoo, 12 Sep 2008i have a problem with my phones ringing tone.please help me... morejust select setting 2 ring style and select loud

  • shahid009

i read all da comments...yes everything is true here all of u hav commented its nt true dat softwares r nt found at all....its difficult 2 get bt possible..u cn check dis­ cn find alotzz of mobile stuffs in these sites apart frm softwares...


MOHAMED, 02 Jun 2007i want to java gamesall u hav to do is........type, or you will like it!just reply on emailed add.

  • Alesh2

SANJEEWA, 04 Apr 2009my a835 phone battry is can't charge.becouse charging software i... moreI have problem with my battery i have bought more than 5. It only works for 5 or 6 days.
The internet browser i can or dont understand the manual configuration.
I am from Nigeria.

  • Edward

i have a problem with my phones ringing tone.please help me resolve my problem.Why i cannot upload my personal ringing tone not poly tone what i like is real tone. kindly help to solve my problem on my phone?

thank you very much!


my a835 phone battry is can't charge.becouse charging software is not working,,,i can charge battry by separate charger..but after put battry to the phon,,battry is power zero with heat phon.. i need to repair phon..please tell me how to do it,,
im from sri lanka..

thanking you,

  • krishna

i want a835 software pls provide

  • theophilus nunoo

i have a problem with my phones ringing tone.please help me resolve my problem.when someone call me ,i do not hear the from ghana.

  • Nizam

Why i cannot upload my videos and pictures into my pc as well as computer at public cyber cafe? Any suggestion?


  • Kiril Dimitrov

The phone is great, but I hav a problem with full and locked memory. I have all codes, but I have not a results. I need a help because in Bulgaria we have not good Motorola experts.

  • Anonymous

i like the phone but ican't ues mp3 as a ringing tone

  • obia ranndy

i have this phone and i find it quite interesting the only problem is that i can not put mp3 sounds as ringtones but the phone is quite cool.

  • Nizam

Attention 2 Motorola Producer. Pl make available the software of Motorola A835 online 2 da cusromer's better useage.

  • Nizam

I'm a user of Motorola A835 from 2004. I find it difficult to video 4 more than i min. n unable to syncronize 4 updates

  • Anonymous

neva used it but want to buy it i hope it will be cool


hi i am using motorola A835. i am anable to connect bluetuth with another mobile. any one can tell me how i can received files from another mobiles with bluetuth.

  • Adek

The Memory Full without even dpwnloading any files that could make its memory full like that,pls I want anyone who cares to give me tips on how I can format the memory.I tried the on its menu it didn't work.

  • the2peu

I have one problem with my a835 ,, for me do not metter weight ,, but I can clear the memory ... my memory is full .. and I can clear ... can somebody tel me .. what is the master reset code ?? .. ore haw kan I clear all memory . ?

  • abrahimic beslimah

hello thi good i buy my home land pakistan for 31 million rupees. pretty cheap good phone mp4 player.