Motorola C333

Motorola C333

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  • Alpinedelta

My fist phone

  • Wayne

I got mine with the Goldmember Union Jack case in 2003

  • AnonD-417504

My first GSM phone!

  • leo

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2007i've had it for 4 years now...and i love it. it was less than 100$hi.. if u wish.. can I have ur mobile... I love it..

  • David

my first phone for internet in 2006

  • AnonD-132100

This was my first cell phone, right when I got out of high school. I remember the reception being terrible, and it was way too small for adult hands. As far as I know it is still on the bottom of Attons Lake, where it fell out of my shirt pocket.

  • jack

when you start motorola c333 up and it is a skateboard man I like that feature

  • jack

could ytou give me the subsidy code please and i will give you anything for c333

  • Thenji

I remember this was my first hone, back in my Varsity days! It was stolen and i was devastated I had real good times with it!!

Wena, all you need to do is to press down on the red "off " button until it lights up.

  • W.J

This is the worst phone ever! The battery runs flat every day. The phone itself isnt that bad and the voice clarity is good but the phone isnt reliable because the battery just doesnt last throughout the day. I got rid of this phone very quickly.

  • wena

Sony_Eric_Fan, 20 Apr 2008Hi, this was my 1st fon that i bought in 2003 and i used it unti... morehello can i ask something about this pone???

how can i used it? my auntie send it to me the pone is came from canada but its useless i cant use it ...theres no light how can i on the pone? pls reply..

  • wena

how to used it?no light its a battery defect? it is open line??coming from canada ...

  • hector herrera

anybody knows where can i get the ringtones of this model???? i use to love them

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone.
great phone with poor battery

  • dani - indonesia

C330 my 1st mPhone, I bought it 2004 1stQ and till now still used, didn't find any problem.

  • Sony_Eric_Fan

Hi, this was my 1st fon that i bought in 2003 and i used it until February 2006! It was a good fon, nice design, nice preloaded games. I would say this is one of the best water-resistant phone in the market. My younger brother even washed it, & it only took bout 4 hours to 'regain consciousness' But i wish motorola supplied a good battery with this phone.

  • sheip

well,this is my first phone. i used it since 2002 until the end of 2006. i would say that this phone is quite tough

back in 2005, i dropped it into a huge water tank.its huge enough for to take my bath in it! plus, the tank was half full with sweet drink. when i picked it out, i was shocked that the phone is still working!

a year later, myh niece EVILly threw it from verandah.just imagine how high it was. the housing was broken a bit but the phone is working as usual.phew~

i like this that time..its quite lame to use this phone for this

  • me

WOW!!!It`s was my first mobile!!!

  • Rosana

This cellphone is horrible!! I love Motorola, and I have a cellphone of Motorola, but the integrate battery was a bad idea!! I still have this phone in my house, and my daugther plays with it...

  • Anonymous

i've had it for 4 years now...and i love it. it was less than 100$