Motorola C975

Motorola C975

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  • Michael

Hi out there!! asd!!

Motorola doesn't suck!! Still a head of Sonyericsson!! SonyE is a good company but there phones are not good as Motorola!!
Compare the Motorola E365 and the SOnyE T610!!

The Camera quality and the display of Moto E 365 is 10 times better than the SonyE T610!!
T610 has more features than E 365 and it is in an upper class and has a stunning look, but Still doesn't have the basic needs of a good camera phone!! "Camera resolutuion and the Display" What do you say??? Compare these too!!

  • Anonymous

good phone - but I prefer SonyEricsson

  • asd

It sucks!! why cant they understand who is going to buy there Products!! they suck Sonyericcson RULES

  • Demencia

OMG - Motorola looks better then ever!

  • FSR

fantastic phone with very good features and i think its contain every think you need with a compelete phone like this one.good work motorolla.