Motorola cd920

Motorola cd920

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  • surath

i just want to know which is the best, samsung j7 or htc 826

  • AnonD-426702

I remember I had this phone back in 98.
IT SUCKED. From this phone I hated Motorola.
it had a real time clock but it was only to DISPLAY the time.
Received SMS did NOT even get a time stamp!
How stupid is that?

  • Rohit

Its nice phone for me. But i want to take this phone. Anybody can give me this phone.
Please give me this phone.

  • Amr Khaled

This was the first cellphone to like in my life i really wished one day to have but i didnt had any chance anyway iam using always motorla, the first model to have is v300 then motorola razr v6 and now i have motorola maxx razr, i really like the brand motorola i advice all people to buy motorola because its the best cell had been made.

  • gladius

my first mobile phone back in 2000. loved its curvy shape and screen that seemed t wave different nuances of pale blues and reds under sunlight. i loved its ringtones and big fonts on the screen. it ended up at my mom who needed it just for those big fonts. i don't remember what I bought afterwards. isn't it funny. First love is never forgotten

  • Marshal

AnonD-43707, 26 Feb 2012This was my dad's first phone! the best feature in it was r... moreMy dad's too :) ..Now he's using an N95 8gb :P .. This phone's battery died out after about 3 years of usage..

  • AnonD-43707

This was my dad's first phone! the best feature in it was recording and i guess vibration too was a novelty back then.
Stacked in the cupboard for years but will never sell this one! (i know no one will buy it today)

  • Anonymous

shi, 19 Feb 2011I do have one. In fact I have two. I lost one. It's working... more
you can find motorola cd920 battery on ebay.

  • Anonymous

Was my first mobile phone since 1998 and believe it or not it's still.

everything works fine and i just bought another charger on ebay mine was taped.

  • shi

I do have one. In fact I have two. I lost one. It's working but where can I buy spare battery?. The one I have no is with the flapper unable to function as it should be.

  • Johnnyboy

I have chance to buy this fone from my brother!! really like to do this, him only asking 120 dollar!
Does anyone know i can use navigation with this? doe sit have app-store, like Ifone?

  • Anonymous

my first mobile phone :D

  • Ahmed

It was my first cell phone, i bought it in 1998, i love it till now i can use it any time with the same battry. it really represents the real soul of Motorola.

  • Drake K

Haha my grandma actually uses this one, she doesn't even want to get a new one XD

  • no 95

my first mobile, bought it with my first pay in 99. fuctional flip and voice recording capabilities was great!!

  • Jeronimo

I bought a cd920 and it still works wiht the same batery, even if once I let it falldow several times and into water... LOL. And now when I have troubles with my new celphone, a take the old Motorola cd920. It is allways in my car

  • mahmoud

hi all, this was the first mobile phone my father bought at 1998 it, it really so nie phone

  • ipakseobrce

Hi, my father bught this phone in '98 and used it for some time. I needed 2nd phone so I took it recently and, amayzingly, it's still working. Battery lasts 2 days! Best phone ever!

  • Rozana

About 9 years a go i import thıs model from dubai to iran. at the last time ı buy 15 box and try to import to iran but at the custom ı saw a very bad problem and all of that bycoat by iran custom. its my lives bad memory. i submit thıs form my old girl friend name.

  • sony

so old moden wan.. i wont like it..