Motorola cd930

Motorola cd930

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-556145, 03 Jul 2016Great phone, but it doesn't work with modern SIM cards anym... moreI have this one and it work with my sim card

  • AnonD-556145

Great phone, but it doesn't work with modern SIM cards anymore, because the voltage has been changed.

  • HTC

The baterry was GREAT . i used it all week whit no charge :) Niceeee

  • AnonD-54782

Excellent device in its time...still have it and, of course, still works. Battery is still powerfull..., talk, texting and voice recordings!!!

  • Anonymous

Tennyson Johnson, 06 May 2010Where can I purchase a mains battery charger for my Motorol... moreLooking for a mains battery charger for this mobile model.

  • Anonymous

H2H2, 18 Mar 2011Yes, very satisfied with my Motorola CD930 But I'm looking... more

here you can find the manuel :)

  • H2H2

Yes, very satisfied with my Motorola CD930
But I'm looking for an operating manual !

Who is able to find that or tell me where on the net I can find it !

Many thanks in advance !

  • Tennyson Johnson

Where can I purchase a mains battery charger for my Motoroller C D 930E Mobile Phone?

Phone 01945 583165

  • nella

haha, this was my mum's old phone and she gave it to me until i buy my new one. I sometimes shame to be seen using it loll but my friends said that although it's a huge brick it has a wonderful color (i got the bright blue one). Still working after all those years! The old phones are much more reliable!

  • Anonymous

My modern mobile phone that I've had for less than a year has just packed in with no explanation. The only thing I could find as a replacement in the house was this, a phone my parents bought in 1999, and I put in the SIM card from my now useless phone.

It works just as well as it used to. I don't yet have the balls to take it out in public, but it's perfect for texting from my room.

  • Anonymous

Brilliant phone going on 8/9 years I've had it for and it's never failed me.

Sure, it's an eyesore now but it still does everything you want a phone to do.

On top of all that it still gets a laugh when you use it out and about!

  • Anonymous

The best phone I've seen!!!

  • Bruno Lori

Once the local cellular transmitter broke down in our mountain valley. All those modern phones were dead. My cd930 simply picked up a distant transmitter, which was 30 miles away and with huge mountains in between. The interface is great, the design beautiful (I have a blue one) and it keeps on working with the first battery after 7 years! I dropped it sometimes - it just keeps on working. I don't want a cheapo cam in my cellular and I don't need to play games on my phone. I want a reliable connection. Master piece!

  • pn

Very durable phone (I own one for the last 5 years, dropped it many times and still works with original battery). It looks horrible but it is working aftwer 5 years and battery still holds for 2-3 days.

  • cassius

THE phone to have owned, my first and although I have gone onto others have kept the cd930 as a backup its been dropped countless times lent to friends thrown onto concrete (an accident!!) and even sprayed with water (another accident) and it still lives am still running it on the original battery and its never been repaired. It even holds it full charge after 6 months!!!! if you ever get a chance to own one get it and keep it even if its only as a back up. just respect it as an extremly basic old phone and you cant go wrong. Couldnt say much more

  • ger mosman

I need a manual for an old motorola cd930
can you please help me?

  • blessing

Its a very good 4ne but it has its own shortfalls like the big size and u cannot reply a message directly as u have to enter the 4ne no. of the required destination.

  • Anonymous

I remember these - horrible mirror type thing to make the screen brighter. nasty.

  • Amosys

HI. Manual pdf motorola cd930 bitte. Danke Schön.

  • Bishop Obafemi Adele

Motorola cd930 is good and very useful. But I personally have difficultiesin the following areas. I find it difficult to load recharge card and check my balance