Motorola CITRUS WX445

Motorola CITRUS WX445

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This is an 8 year old phone that was considered very s**t even back in 2010. Now in 2018... let's just say it's so obvious that I don't need to explain.


Have the wx 445 cell phone, but at 84 yr old do not have idea how it works, I did not get a manual, no phone listed to ask for one, have had for two mo. and just phone the volumne to hear it ring. PLK

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone for about a week now. I bought it for about $ 40, Well with that price I obviously didn't expect to get a top of the line perfomance and experience. But I must point out there there are really a couple of issues with the phone. It's too slow ( well it's what do you expect with a 2G internet connection speed phone), but since I've bought the phone I've been trying to download whatsapp without any luck. Battery life is a shame again, other than than these I think it has a problem with the software, I think I'll return it back to the store and take something else.

  • Anonymous

This thing is slow and small. After it reaches to 100% when i charge it it goes to 5% 3sec after that and i cant take it anymore i have to go to my backyard and smash this stupid phone

  • keyus

I forget my pattern on my Motorola, and when I wipe it, it doesn't go straight to main menu, it is saying that I should activate my phone. please help!!!

  • Anonymous

I purchased the citrus In Oct. Can make about three calls and then cannot call out. I cannot receive any incoming calls period unless I turn the phone off and back on its so frustrating.

  • Anonymous

Pls how will i input sim for motorola wx445 verizon

  • Anonymous

My phone wont even connect to face book with wifi WTF!!!!

  • Anonymous

Yes, this phone works great with pageplus pre-paid celluar (owned by Verizon, I think)

  • AnonD-154171

could the phone use a prepaid sim card or digicel sim.

  • AndrewStunnerboy

Anonymous, 05 May 2013Help! Can this phone accept a SIM card to be used as a prepaid ... morecould the phone use a digicel sim card or prepaid sim card.

  • Anonymous

Help! Can this phone accept a SIM card to be used as a prepaid phone, like with NET 10 or Straight Talk?

  • drizzy

when you have a google market place and cant get in

  • fat

when you dont have a google anoccount and it dont sign in what you do

  • Anonymous

I have had my phone since August and the manufactor won't repair it. I can't charge it. Motorola phones suck.

  • Kasey

I've had this phone for almost 2 years now. It's sooo slow and I can't take 1 picture without erasing 2 first. The memory is just shot out. I've deleted EVERYTHING and it still says my memory is full. When I turn the phone off, it sends random texts to random people when it comes back on. The screen does whatever it wants to. It clicks random things and types on it's own. Overall, the Citrus is a really shitty phone. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • luke

This phone has held up for about a yearfor me now, a friend i work with thinks im cursed cause i have this phone because he had one and threw it away. I traded two blackberrys for this thing, worst mistake ever. Any typing errors im leavig are due to this phon, yes im using it now. My market no longer works, i have o download apps from the web and instll. I've had to root the phone nd delete the factory apps that hog all of the nonexistent memory. The wifi and data usage is the only thing that woks well on this citrus, except my facebook and basically any social app doesn't update or work. I have to use facebook on the mobile web. I hâve two task killers running at all times and setcpu to overclock this thing to 528mhz, and the task killers to keep around 65 mb of memory free. If i don't constantly do those two thing's this phone will freeze up for minutes at a time or delete stuff from my desktop or erase programs or add random shrtcuts to the desktop or text people random letters for pages long, calls the wrong people when you clik on someone's call button next to their names. I could go on, but this is my daily struggle with this citrus. Do not curse yourself with this thing, i feel like motorola owes me money and an explanation. And a real phone.ill be lucky if it let's me post.

  • Rich M.

This is the worst phone I've ever owned. I would have preferred the old clamshell VGA phones to this one -- at least they worked quicker!
Positives: Built in voice-activated navigation is about the only "good" feature.
Negatives: It is incredibly slow. any apps open at all, will cause the dialer or anything else to take forever to pop up. Camera is buggy, and you will take many photos of the inside of your pockets. Pocket dialing is another major problem with this phone; merely pressing the top button causes the phone to redial -- I have no idea why.

Bottom line: I lost this phone several days ago, and I didn't even ask around to see if anyone found it. I just ordered a new phone online. I hated the phone that much.

  • juan

This is a phone that I should never have bought. Just wasted my money

  • Anonymous

this phone is horrible do not buy it.for one its wayyy too tiny. secondly its probably the slowest smart phone on the market(even lags right out of the box).there are nooo good apps or games that are compatible for this phone and overall it is horrible.