Motorola DEXT MB220

Motorola DEXT MB220

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  • AnonD-565539

Still my favorite phone although i don't have it anymore. I installed game boy advanced emulator on it, and used to play all day long. Best gadget to have those who like game boy advanced. And also a good device for note making, messaging. But it would've made some sense if Motorola didn't use a 256mb ram on a smart phone.!!

  • AnonD-565539

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2015How do I by pass motoblur on this phone? It keeps asking me... moreThere is no other way to uninstall motoblur alone. you need to install custom rom. The stock rom(1.5) is better compared to all though. android 2.3 cyanogen mod was a stable rom.

  • Anonymous

how do i get my phone to work in jamaica

  • Anonymous

How do I by pass motoblur on this phone? It keeps asking me for a password when I'm trying to download google playstore and other sites as well, please Help!!!

  • Anonymous

idont remember my code

  • yayo

the phone is blocked hw do i have it unblocked

  • Rana

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2013i hav upgraded to 2.3.7How did you upgrade? can you help me.. plzzzzz

  • nickname

Harford Jnr, 07 Nov 2013Please I am having problem with my phone as it was sent to ... morethe phone needs to be unlocked in order to work. you need to purchase unlocked code your phone is locked.

  • Harford Jnr

Please I am having problem with my phone as it was sent to me by brother and I cannot make use of it since it is unable to access network here in Nigeria.Please how do i make the phone accept Nigeria sim card and network.

Thank you guyz.

  • uzi9mm

i have this .its design is perfect but its features are very bad with poor camera result ...

  • dlycon

please I can not set date and time on my phone. what should I do?

  • add me on fb joe ski

my wi fi does not work when i turn it on.and dont even show the sihnal when i turn my wireless router link on.any help please.

  • AnonD-126571

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2012I have Motorola MB200 OS Android 1.5 version. How can I upd... moremine too same problem .how can i get rid of it??help me plz

  • AnonD-126571

i am unable to upgrade the version of mb200 plz help me

  • Anonymous

i hav upgraded to 2.3.7

  • AnonD-77553

batu, 17 Feb 2013how we will upgrade OS SYSTEMIt is difficult to update this phone without Windows XP and Computer Admin rights, but other than that here is a link, but to every one else don't buy this phone(Only America gets the easy update).

This is for MB200 model. Check Settings > About > Check: System Version, Model Number, Firmware Version, Baseband Version and etc.

The Bell Mobility Dext Bible - How to ROOT, flash a 2.1 ROM and keep 3G

  • batu

how we will upgrade OS SYSTEM

  • Piggs Mayfly

eli, 06 Jan 2013uhm are the texts viewed in a thread?Yes, and calls them 'conversations'.


  • eli

uhm are the texts viewed in a thread?

  • filesponge

fatihahlaaa, 19 Dec 2012shit phone. i tried to update it to newer OS but stated the... moreAn excellent phone, with just a few issues holding it back. Many of them crash, especially when the camera is started up :( but generally, great fun, and does all its supposed to. Gotta laugh as somebody here saying its s**t cos its camera flash doesnt work after an OS update - erm, does it have a camera flash? nope :) some amazingly dense people on earth there really is :-p