Motorola DROID PRO XT610

Motorola DROID PRO XT610

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  • yusdi

When is the Motorola product DROID XT610 PRO enter Indonesia?
Because the Motorola product DROID XT610 PRO is very competitive with other brand products.
Motorola phone while it can not compete with other brands.

Viewing this site opened my eyes that motorola phones are mobile phones which are very good ... but a lot of multimedia mobile products phonenya sophisticated, are not included in Indonesia, plus the lack of promotion from Motorola's own distributors.

  • Jo

It ticks all the boxes- I'd definitely consider buying it if it had the BB name attached.

  • Murali

If the screen resolution will be VGA then it would b really great

  • 100 Moto

BLISS, 24 Oct 2010I use to own a Blackberry 8910 and sort of liked it with it's sh... moreThough did you think about the size of the phone if it comes with 3.5" screen + qwerty at the bottom?

Not sure if most places around the world are ready for 4G at this a good number of operators are still trying to make a profit out of 3G (after most paid hefy license fees to the gov!)

  • Anonymous

Friends, can android replace rim's blackberry in term of enterprise use? if it can, i will be very interested to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

amazing looks d phone hope it ll rock like motorazor

appealing phone


I use to own a Blackberry 8910 and sort of liked it with it's short coming. I have now owned a Nexus one since it came out and love it. However, I will admit that if with some changes to this phone like: front facing camera, 4G capability, all aluminum/steel back cover and a 3.5 inch screen it would make my ULTIMATE phone and I would be sold in less than a split of a second. One can dream but with the way companies are coming our with new phone everyday perhaps someone will hear my voice.

  • Anonymous

The cpu is extremely powerfull but ram & screen resolution are not what they should be.

  • Droid Terminator

him3107, 21 Oct 2010what is the meaning of cdma/gsm supportThe phone with CDMA doesn't use sim card but in USA, it is also available in China and India but does use sim card.

GSM are for the rest of the world mostly in Europe and use sim card like Orange, T-Mobile, Vodacom, ...

Some phone are world phone means can be used any place in the world. Moto will launch such phones.

Droid Pro 1Ghz, Froyo
Droid 2 Global edition 1.2Ghz, Froyo
Droid X SE 1.2Ghz, Froyo

Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global Edition will be launched in November, 11, 2010

  • him3107

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2010no why ? what is the meaning of cdma/gsm support

  • Anonymous

George, 21 Oct 2010Great design!!! Great specs. I hope this will come to Greece! and come soon to iran
we love this super phone

  • George

Great design!!! Great specs. I hope this will come to Greece!

  • Anonymous

him3107, 20 Oct 2010Is this phone is dual Sim dual standby?no
why ?

  • him3107

Is this phone is dual Sim dual standby?

  • Droid Terminator

anoni mus, 20 Oct 2010i hope motorola will make a gsm version of DROID X... so that i ... moreYes Droid X SE (Second Edition) is a GSM & CDMA a world phone with all Droid X featutings but with extra speed of 1.2Ghz, Froyo pre-install

Just like Droid 2 Global Edition GSM & CDMA, 1.2Ghz which will be launch in November 11, 2010 by Verizon.­e-picture-leaked/

  • Abhinav

The BEST Design for me. 3.1" TouchScreen with Full QWERTY Keyboard + Froyo is like a "dream come true". Using a Milestone, the worst thing is that both hands are required to use the qwerty keyboard which is not very convinient + No Froyo(in my Region) till now.

  • anoni mus

make this droid pro a super amoled capacitive touchscreen phone....

  • anoni mus

i hope motorola will make a gsm version of DROID X... so that i can use it in the Philippines... pls motorola plsssssssssssss.........

  • anoni mus

this phone is superbbbbbbbbbbbb... i like motorola phones...great phone for everyday living...

  • him3107

is this phone is dual Sim dual standby?