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Motorola E1000

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FOJR, 12 Feb 20041st: anolog, 2nd: digital, 3rd: cdma, 4th: gsm, and now umt... more6th HSPA, 7th HSDPA, 8th LTE, 9th LTE-A, now what's next? 5G? No way dude. No way.

  • Gordy

E1000 Lover, 04 Jul 2017I got one of there once it was released and I can say i fel... moreI would say the same in fact.. The keypad is one thing tat was so amazing, u feel wat u were getting on n the sound of the device the stereo sound is awesome.. Moto is still my choice to this day, still the innovator no matter wat. They would create something new, release it in market with no publication. But soon you will see others copying.

  • E1000 Lover

I got one of there once it was released and I can say i fell in love with this phone at the time it ruled but other companies were competing but this one held on for as long as it could until the next upgraded one came in to the market. Sadly my phone was stolen whilst i was on holiday and I can say this even till this day on i still miss that phone. such an amazing phone.

  • Anonymous

very good phone. i have one , which i still used today.

  • AnonD-275274

I have this phone from my friend, my problem is I can't operate it because of the language barrier, how would I change the language to English

  • Anonymous

it cant browse proper

  • angel

i lose my motorola E100 PHONE on 2007 i miss my ph. yes motorola E100 iz very nice ph

  • kastep

this phone is nice but the video quality is low

  • Anonymous

Shams, 05 Mar 2012i have this phone this is v nice phone yeah its nice..


THIS phone is anybody can help me how to connect in a vodaphone live chat?

  • Shams

i have this phone this is v nice phone

  • Anonymous

I live in bangladesh.My brother bought me a e1000 from australlia one day it lost in 2005 and then i search all markets in bangladesh for this mobile but i still cant see this mobile in bangladesh mobile markets

  • Bruno Mendes

for those who have problems with E1000 or rokr E1 batery use the motorola E770 battery and you will see a huge diference because he will be charge for 4/5 days under hard use.this phone whith this battery still rocks.

  • ahriman

Music sounded best in this device. It had a amplifying surround function that made the music sound so big. I miss it!

  • johnnylarsonjr

Back in 2005, i got one of this, and I have played around with the system trying to unlock, and other stuff. The phone looks brand new, because I never used since then. Just because of battery problems, but my problem is the e1000 drains the battery in a couple of hours, not days. I got even a bigger battery, but have had no difference. Any ideas what I can do?

  • Marko

the best phone i ever had in my hands!!! they will never build something like that again.

  • varun

Rukshan, 06 Dec 2009phone has battery problemanyone know the country code e1000

  • R. Narayanan

harshvardhan, 24 Jun 2010where is the GPS in Motorola E1000what type of micro SD will be suitable for the E1000 3G phone. Very recently I have purchased one Such E1000 3G Phone online thro trademe I would like to buy one 2GB micro SD card. Which card I should Purchase.Pl. Guide me

  • harshvardhan

ABHI, 16 Jun 2010where is gps in e1000 plz helpwhere is the GPS in Motorola E1000

  • ABHI

where is gps in e1000 plz help