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Motorola E360

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samirr, 22 Aug 2019My first colored phone with internet and some games but sadly yo... more+1. We same..

My first colored phone with internet and some games but sadly you cant download games in this phone. This phone is good its just it has a terrible battery life that I need to buy a spare battery when the other one drained out. Will miss this phone.

  • Ali

I am trying to get a charger for my phone.
Plz, help me.

  • Angelskill

My first mobile, brought back some nice memories. The phone itself was good in early 2000s standard; one of the very first colour screen phones introduced to the market.

  • AnonD-565140

Bought this phone in December 2002, color screen at that time was huge. The phone itself was not so good, had very poor batter life and also the phone book was very restricted. Had it until April 2004.

  • Jk

My first phone, nice memories, though the phone itself was not so good, battery was a bid problem

  • Anonymous

I've just got this phone,and I don't know what happen one of the sms can't be read and either deleting it what's wrong with it. Please! I need a manual for it

  • ex-Mot

Bad battery life even on standby, not even 1 day and it starts complaining low battery.. maybe the battery is going bad? Certain buttons are hard to press. Aging is not this phone's greatest asset... My older ancient Nokia 3310 still in great condition despite the wear and tear!

  • gudds

i used this cellphone for 5yrs .It has very very less and poor features .it has no camera,no radio,poor battery lifetime,i feel completely bored with me cell phone the only thing i liked about it is its appearance thank u..

  • shahril

basiccally, the shape doesn't attract me. But suitable for whom who had lower budget. My 5th phone.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone but it been in the drawer for a LONG time. The battery is new but just when I was about to use it, it doesn't work. I've tried charging it but it won't turn on!
Please help!

  • lucy manda

Motorola E360 is a very nice phone but it is difficult to operate. As at now my phone has changed the language from english to chinese and I can't bring back to English language. KIndly send me a page of manual book to enable me change the language to english.

  • Lasky chan

hai how are you..?my hv a phone motorola madel E360.i am on phone inside setting my phone lock.then now i am forgot it my password.because i am long time not to use .hope mrs and miss can gv me a resolve this problem ...thank

  • Richmond

plz i would like to know where i can download ringtones and wallpapers could you please help me

  • Mr richmond Acheampo

plz am from ghana in west africa and the cell i use the motorola E360 i really like how the cell is but am have a small problem and i know and believe you can help me out i will like to know were i can get more tone for my cell motorola E360 and one thing too in my country it very hd before you can get the E360 housing u know what i have been looking for this housing for a year now and the one i have on my cell is not good and i will really like to change it plz can you help or show me the way to get some that is all my problem ,Thank you and will like to hear from you soon. Yours faithfaly,
Richmond Acheampong.

  • kc

i usually charge my fone battery at night because im at work the whole day but holy cow i cant sleep because when im charging it theres this sound like a bird noise or something...ive search the settings and stuff of this fone and theres no any settings on how to turn off the charging

  • cin

i love this phone.. my first ever phone.. i gave it away..=( wish i never had... i really love this phone.. so sleek and nice.. brings back memories.. champagne ice.. tsk tsk..

  • Stephen

This is a great phone but i would like to know where i can download ringtones and wallpapers could you please help me.

  • rima

I use this phone for 4 years.this is the memories phone for me.but now,the battery is low.I've been looking around to found it.but noone sold it in my town.plese help me?maybe I can buy a new phone but this E360 is really mean much to me.

  • aLia

where can i download ringtones for motorola E360?