Motorola E378i

Motorola E378i

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  • Anonymous

how can connect my phone to pc (computer)

  • ramesh

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010i forget my security code for my motorola E378Irestore settings

  • rahul jain

how can i connect my mobile to pc and share my files

  • Anonymous

i forget my security code for my motorola E378I

  • Anonymous

i forget my security code for my motorola E378I

  • philemon ngirarikel

i have same phone that has external antenna jack connection as option yet no video camera just a regular 4x zoom camera w/ voice recorder that could be attached to the phone book for voice dialing as well as call waiting somehow i cant find the software since it has a usp port it also allows me talk to a friend with a head set or straight thru the speakers of the phone. yet once i get to know the features of my phone somehow someday i'll post any helpful advice since i cant use imode, imail, mms in my country.

  • Bryan Junior Anthony

I really hate this phone!!! I wish to buy another one...

  • Angela

Hello everyone!
I have the motorola E378i , I īve try to set it up to send SMS with all your instructions but it does not work, I am in Peru, the provider is Claro. I followed all their instructions as well but still donīt work. There isnīt many mobiles of this brand over here so the help is limited. Can you send more tips Please?
Or if someone know where to get the userīs manual ? Thank you very much. You are all so cool!

  • Anonymous

Hi This not good phone because i have problem of sourcing the driver software to see my pictuers........i could not find it from net too!

if sombody have that please send it my

Thanking you,

Vinod Perera

  • shatrughanpandey

please send the internet setting of these mobile

  • shatrughanpandey

how can i set the Internet setting on these mobile

  • Dennis

Hey "yoghi" for you to enter the details in the browser set up u need a security code the security code is normally default 123456 & u r done ok.And pls just do me a favour and do this.
1 switch off ur phone
2 press keys * & # (first)
3 then press the red button (second) until it is swithed on & dont forget to send me the bootloader number thkx in advance and see if i am able to assist u n flashing.

  • yoghi

how can I setup my browser to navigate on internet?? pls help me! the phone request a security code when I go to setup my i-mode section. thanks!

  • darrick

i also need the phone driver...
can anybody help me...

  • Anonymous

Let me make this straight the phone CAN access GPRS or WAP just like any other phone,you can even download i-appli java games with it.Caught ur attention now,i live in Kenya and this phone is from Israel network cellcom,and this is how you go about putting the settings.
menu>settings>i mode settings>select new entry option and key in the following.But you
need to ensure your sim card is gprs activated ok.

NAME:(your providers name)
APN:(your providers name)
PORT NO:(provider's)
SSL PORT NO:(provider's)
HOME PAGE:(provider's url's)
SELECT url:(provider's url's)
MAIL SERVER: mail.gprs.(providers name).com
MMS SERVER: mms.gprs.(providers name).com
USER NAME:(provider's)

After doing these you are good to go.The web
site for getting the i-appli games is

  • yoghi

I need a driver for PC. Please help me!!!!! Thanks!!!

  • abhi

i need the software drivers for motorola E-378 i for my cell.plz help me

  • Anonymous

anyone please send me usb 2 driver for my motorola E378i.

please mail me at
my 378 does not have video recording

  • kagwa geoffrey

i ve e378i and in uganda bt i can't set it to internet plz help

  • Praksh

I am from nepal and i have a connection of Mero mobile network in my E-378i phone.I have activated my GPRs but the setting doesnt work out.
Can u plz help me??