Motorola E390

Motorola E390

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  • Sommelette

The price of the E390????

  • jeffery

very good,but what's the price,and when will it load in the market


Sorry I don't know how to write in Thai. I would like to know when and where I 'm able to buy Motolora E390 and A388c. I saw you display the detail info on these two mobiles. Hoping I can get answer from you. Thanks in advance,CINCY

  • Steven

Do you know how much the price will be?

  • ricks

iTap. is it any good? how does it compare to Tegic's T9?

  • Mark LV

You can find the dimensions of the phone here:­542

It's a small phone: 107mm X 46mm X 22mm.

  • Moto

I think this phone is full packed features, but the design is not so good!Do everybody knows, what are the real dimensions?I like it anyway!

  • Awi

When will the phone be sold in Indonesia expecially in Medan. Thanks

  • Bogdan

Hmm..nice job. I have never thought that motorola would EVER make a nice phone! With all those craps they have made so far this is a real step forward. Keep it goin'...and what's most important...don't screw it with the price ( all the models before)!

  • Zoran

Cool phone....nice design