Motorola E680i

Motorola E680i

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  • zeeessshhhhh

can any one tell me does it have handwriting recongnition.....and can softwares come in it...thanks

  • ichtus

very great phones!!
great MOTOROLA e680i

but somehow the battery only last 1 day if using more frequent with the touchscreen

for the free java IM we can use
1. (but expensive gprs data)
2. IM+ (but we must pay some money, work great, less express gprs cost)

more info at
list of some feature:
- linux ( since we can play more about it)
- play with mplayer (eplayer_b7)
- play with winamp (java based)
- qonsole (terminal)
- file sharing via network (usblan)
- many emulator come in now GBA, GBC, xnes, snes
- many native linux apps can port (nmap, bash, slocate, ip, ldd, and many more)
- can support our native languange to install (pls check it out in the forum how)
- can update the firmware itself

  • Asuka

The phone is excellent, with all the features and cool look. plus, it's linux. the only disappointing part is the battery. runs out pretty soon.

  • motouser

hey guys....can anyone plz tell me if i can run msn messenger on E680i.............plz reply esp any user out there..

  • Roma

Hi all, I want to ask if the wireless func can be added in this phone. How about if we compare with PDA phone such as O2 mini? I plan to buy e680i. Since in my place there is a promotion for O2mini (the price only 100US more than e680i) I consider to buy O2 mini. I appreciate if u can help me in this situation since the promotion almost finish. Thanks a lot

  • arik

i have a problem witm my phone when i putting it to my pocket its turning off
and then if iwant to turn on it i must take battery out put it again in.somebody advice me what to do .please!!.And can somebody offer to me where i can download free 3d games

  • Lanz

U do guys/gurl noe where can i download games n app?? pls give we the website...thanks alot...

  • reply 2

In regard of going to interenet, I can go on to internet now. Hm..i duno exactly how to do it. Coz my bro helped me to config it. When I first got my phone, it has internet provider such as Orange, Sunday ...(providers from Hong Kong ...coz my phone is an import version). My bro once mentioned you can call Cingular or T-moble to sent you the internet config. Call customer service, they should know what you want.

  • reply

I have to encode teh video files into the format accepted by E680 (I forgot the format name..something start with g.. grcp? something like that). I got a simple encode program from a Japanese side. It took me just 5 minutes to encode a 50M+ Michael Jordan gaterade commercail clips. Do a search on japanese yahoo. You will find the program.

  • eza

hi!i juz bought e680i.i wd like to know how to trsf video clips from pc to phone..must i download any specific software first?anyone who knows..pls pls help me.thks so much!!

  • Nick

Hello all,
I just bought one and am trying to figure out how to access my pop3 email with this thing. Anyway, if you know of a way to connect to email, please send me some help or hints

  • jason

hey lenny, were you able to get the internet on your phone?

  • Lenny

does anyone know how to set up the e-mail with T-mobile in the USA,I want to be able to check my e-mails from the phone , I use hotmail the most, also if we can also set up msn messenger on the phone
just e-mail me please

  • Brett

Hi, does any one know if this phone can send multiple texts? Need to send a text (sms)to all the numbers in my phone book (141 numbers) in one go. If this phone doesn’t what phone does? Thanks.

  • stevenkyw

hey.. i just got this phone and it's just awesome... can anyone help me get more out of this phone ?? where can i dl game emulator and where 2 get some cool games ... some people say they can see movies on the E680i.. but after i convert it 2 .rm format and play it... and i get this error "clip exceeds paramter"... can someone help me on this 2 issues ?? is there other application i can dl 2 see movies ?? plz email me some feedbacks.. thanks alot guys... motorola rocks...

  • Sandip Chaudhuri

Amazing phone. have been sing it for quiet a while.
However havent been able to find any software which allows one to edit microsoft word, excel or ppt.
If anyone has a link or something please email it to me.

  • Big_D_Guy

What is the diference between E680i and E680??
There is NO DIFERENCE!!!
There is?

  • jason

hi everyone. i have a question about the e680i. does anyone know how i can get internet on this phone? i'm currently using this phone in the US with my tmobile service. thanks

  • Chandra

Dear all,
I just bought Motorola E680i. Can I install Excel spreadsheat in it, since I need that software so badly. Please advise.Thanks.


hello guys,
I am very interested with motorola E680i n want to buy it, but after i read pro and contra about many dislikes and likes in the opinion sites. i'm so worried!!! please advice me?