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Motorola E680i

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  • zi

hi there!i just bought ths fone and i luv it!the only thing is the battery life seems to jump from 100% to 50% then it starts depleting very fast. is this a problem or is the fone just lyk tht?secondly i hav been converting videos into .rm format. is mp4 format better quality?? thanx appreciate feedback

  • bill

I have one and love it for the most part. The GUI is great, sound is good, there are plenty of features, and the screen really is excellent, but IS IT ACTUALLY A SMART PHONE? I think it isn't; the Linux is embedded and not available to the user. I don't think it is possible to install more software, apart from java games. So no office applications, GPS tracking software etc. But if I'm wrong, tell me and I'll be even more satisfied than I am now. Finally, in terms of value for money, this phone is a total winner at around $340 US!

  • Penny

Nepllica, this phone's video playback quality is excellent. I convert my DVDs into MP4 and just watch it, when Im on the bus to work, or when I'm bored. Same goes for music videos, and some TV shows.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the quality of the original video file. But, over 10, i give the quality an 8 or 9. It doesnt look like some sucky phone, trying to play videos. It's actually like a small TV screen, amazing.

Still blows me away, how I can watch full shows on my phone. So high-tech & cool, haha. Anyway, the next concern is the SD Card, cos I store everythin in there.

The battery life is a bit of a downer though. Like a whole day of watching vid, maybe a full 5hrs, can deplete the batt completely, at least for me. This is along with other usage, such as calls, messaging, & just randomly clicking around.

Maybe, I'll do a solid video test, to see how long it actually lasts, playing only video, till the batt dies..

  • Penny

Baher Ghali, You're mistaken there.

You can put your Mp3s & MIDIs on as both the ringtone AND the message alert sound.

When you are at the list where all the pre-installed tones are, go all the way down, where there is a "More..." option. Once you click that, you locate your Mp3, select it and its usable as a ringtone.

Do you have this phone, or do you just think it doesn't do this?

  • haider

well as i hv read and according to ma knowledge this mboile has better quality tahz 7710
more sensitivity
more sound
more features excpt camera
and videoes plzyed on this mobile are really exclusive i have saw 2 or three videoes its amazing so plz let ths phone b the max phone by rating it minimum 9 out of ten
its size is also very small as compared to nokia 6680 and 6681 has same weight that of it and price is double it has mp4 video recording (640 X 480 pix) and n90 has 320 X 240 pix only so which phone is better this phone was to be an examplary phone if had a 1 or 2 mp cAMERA BUT ITS STILL AMAZIN HAS A RADIO IN IT WHICH NOKIA LACKS IN N90 AND 6630

  • Baher Ghali

Don't you think it's weird that one of the primary features of this phone (E680i) is the mp3 player though you CAN NOT choose an mp3 file as a ringtone?!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

Hi, i want to install Yahoo Messenger into ma fone E680i, but i coundn't find the right application to open it.How could i do? please tell me.


  • nepllica

can anyone tell me wats video quality like. i mean not recordin but watching movies clips n wat fortmat does it supports. also can this video play in full- wide screen??
and how long can u Watch? the battery life??

correnly i own the E398 so it is worthwile to upgrade to E680i?? I'm thinking about buying this phone if the video play is good.

  • hyder

this is a kind of gooood phone
this mobile shoot superb video
mp4 (320 x 240)
image 680 X 480 picture
image quality is good and hitty
mobile is about 350 $ only
while 6630 is 470+ $
n k750i is 430$
wellllll in these three phone
k750 tops
e680i comes after k750
and at end its 6630

  • Eddie

Hi, can anyone tell how to delete the wallpaper from my phone? Thks!

  • Jerry

Bought this phone for around 2 weeks now. I'm hooked! It's so easy to use and I can listen to music etc... One question: can I use on of my songs as my ringtone? How do I do this?

  • eddy

Hi there,
I bought this phone 4 a month oredi, so far i still love it v much!!
The mp3 sound quality is better than others, screen is big enough!
The performance of stereo headset is best!!!
Compareable wit apple ipod mini o!!!
im currently usinf scandisk 512MB card, no lagging prob occour, nice!!!
BUT is there anyone can inform me abt how2 set the IM service and is this phone can connect to web by using WiFi?
Another thing is, this phone preinstall a modem application, by usb cable or bluetooth, i have no idea to deal with it, pls e-mail me thanks a lot!!!

  • Daniel

I need to edit words,excel and powerpoint. Could anyone please email me the software to run on E680i and where to get more games for this model.

  • Haseeb

E680i is an ultimate pda which is one of its type will so much features and attractivety in such a low price but the only problem is siftwares are not available .DAT files could not be runned java games are not available if some one has some information do plz mail me .............. AN ULTIMATE PHONE........

  • SoRo

this phone is awesome n cool.i think it will be perfect if we can use MS word,excel,powerpoint in this phone.if anybody know how.please email me.mkay..thanx

  • machi_wu

nice pda phone! need games & applications.. is there someone who can give me a site where i can find these gud stuff.. pls mail me.. thanks!


i just want to know about battery performance, cause my battery is only working 24 hrs avg calling.

  • Tanveer Malik

hi all,
i need to know,from where can i get free softwares for e680i??

  • Nur

I've a motorola E680 model.i just want to know that is there any possibilty that i can get opera 7.0 or latest version browser to install into this model.
thank you

  • asif

i got this set a month ago in pakistan its a cool set with every thing u ever wish for,
except that its has a poor quaility camera and need lot of effort to take good pic .
2ndly its a linux so the software & applications are very limited but this can be compensated by installing java based game and applications.
its GPRS setting are difficult but manageable
if anybody know any cool links 4 this set do let me know