Motorola Edge+

Motorola Edge+

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  • mintu2020

Motorola Is on fire...
but price also fire may be 1000$+

  • Alex

Dual sim please!!

  • Anonymous

I see the reason for the 15W charger, it lowers cost, still plenty of energy in a short time and is a lot less stress on the battery.

  • M1999

Another flagship device with a way too big stupid breakable curved screen. Still don't understand why manufacturers think curved edges are a good idea

But besides that, the phone looks fine.

  • From Bangladesh

Well looking specs phone but need at least 30w fast charging and quad camera setup and work in back side camera bump need sporty degin and qhd plus resulation in display 500 ppi minimum

Finally , a flagship phone by motorola , looks good so far (except the 15w charger , it should be 45w like the Motorola one hyper)

Purely Bang on, Process chip set with this battery is nailing over it

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020DUDE its LOOK LIKE its wrong & they will correct it b... moreI hope so. It's glad to see Motorola making some good phones once again.

  • Rob

I just want to see entire line up Motorola this year this phone gonna be one of the most attractive Motorola phone after Motorola razer foldable phone last year

  • Anonymous

RishadEH, 10 Mar 2020Motorola's budget device with flagship price.(Not even 1440... more6,7'' Amoled FullHD 90Hz display, 12gb ram, snapdragon 865, 108mp main shooter... in what universe is this budget phone?

Motorola's budget device with flagship price.(Not even 1440p screen)

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020This phone has no audio jackYou sure? So gsmarena got it wrong?

3X Zoom for 108MP? Telephoto 8MP? Seriously?????

  • sayabosanhidup

i really like this design n im willing to try motorola one day when they offer faster
charging speeds n hopefully at least a splash resistant in their upcoming models

  • Trainmike

Shady69, 09 Mar 202015w? no wifi 6? just 8mp on the telephoto? how is this a fl... moreMaybe because it has flagship specs

  • Anonymous

Shady69, 09 Mar 202015w? no wifi 6? just 8mp on the telephoto? how is this a fl... moreThe chipset

  • Anonymous

Love the specs but hate the curved screen.

  • Anonymous

This phone has no audio jack

15w? no wifi 6? just 8mp on the telephoto? how is this a flaghship phone?

  • LTPS

5170 mah battery with 15w charger !!!...