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Bro got that thicc curved display💀

    Please I'm in Nigeria and my Motorola Edge screen is bad and need replacement, kindly help how and where I can easily get it to buy. Thanks

      BunnyBugs, 17 Jul 2023Will it get Android 12?My guy, if it has not gotten it by now do you really think it ever will?

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        • BunnyBugs
        • Hkr
        • 17 Jul 2023

        Will it get Android 12?

          July 2023, i bought mine at the end of 2020, last month got a cracked screen (fixed already).
          Aside from the screen issues and the software updates, so far still doing pretty good. Not the best phone back then and not the best phone used but yo can get one of these used pretty cheap not at days, and in a lot of ways is a very solid option compare with some new ones.

          Only if the software update could reach at least Android 12, it could be better

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            • Anonymous
            • kS0
            • 06 Apr 2023

            Stone , 15 Feb 2023The worst cell phone I have ever owned!!!!!! Will never get... moreThe hell you pay $1000+? I payed like $400 for this and it's been fine until I annihilated with the last of many drops over 3 years.

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              • Harry
              • I8y
              • 31 Mar 2023

              Edge gave me nothing but trouble. Random disconnects from cell service and very often. battery never lasted well. 5g didn't work from day 1(due to my carrier not yet 5g compatible.) Texts often didnt work at various locations until i turned airplane mode on and off. Its too bad phones become obsolete so quickly. Its a scam. I loved my Motorola G7 Power, alas, it too became obsolete before its time.

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                • KC
                • qng
                • 21 Feb 2023

                Phone will not support Wifi calling, yet it sends and receives texts. Huh? Only works on Bluetooth in the car. Will not work in town on carrier. No 5G. Carrier will not take phone back (only two days old). Motorola says 3 to 4 MONTHS to swap phones. So I had to go to a different carrier, get another line and forward my calls to the new phone. So why not pay for TWO PLANS AND TWO PHONES? EVERYBODYS RICH, right?

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                  • Stone
                  • IJS
                  • 15 Feb 2023

                  The worst cell phone I have ever owned!!!!!! Will never get a Motorola phone again I will pay $1000+ for a phone now hate this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh $1000+ for a phone it is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    • Capital
                    • IcQ
                    • 11 Feb 2023

                    GrahamD, 25 Jan 2023The last update was April 2022 and there have been none sin... moreMy Moto Edge 2020 XT2063-2, received the about 11 August 2022 security update. Try contacting your carrier was they are the ones that usually push the updates.

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                      • GrahamD
                      • FHL
                      • 25 Jan 2023

                      The last update was April 2022 and there have been none since. A shame Moto are too lazy to update their phones for very long, considering this one wasn't exactly cheap.

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                        • I hate this phone
                        • 6Cd
                        • 18 Jan 2023

                        This phone is the worst phone. It highlights times I don't want and can not get it to stop. it deleted my order page with an order for my business as I tried to stop it. It has a load of advertisements for me to see in the morning. It makes simple task hard. This phone makes me miss the old flip phone. I miss Apple.

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                          • Motorola Dan
                          • krC
                          • 20 Nov 2022

                          I got this on sale on the motorola site, and it's been the best phone I've ever had! Lightning fast great sound, great cameras. Definitely has a flagship feel to it for little $. If you're on the fence about getting this, get it.

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                            • JustaGuy
                            • C7{
                            • 27 Oct 2022

                            joe poe, 25 Oct 2022I hate this phone. It is what I call....unintuitive. If ... moreIt's called (almost) stock Android and is amazing, making the user experience incredibly smooth. Nothing about bloatware, that's the real useless garbage.

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                              • joe poe
                              • qx3
                              • 25 Oct 2022

                              I hate this phone. It is what I call....unintuitive. If your going to get a brand new smartphone and you are over 50, you are NOT going to like this phone. It comes brand new without any instruction manual. Figure it out. Don't even try to call or leave a message for Motorola, they can't be bothered with you. I had an Android Mini before this phone and wish I could go back to a new model of it. Also, This phone doesn't always ring when you get a call. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SMARTPHONE FROM MOTOROLA

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                                • latamUser
                                • C7{
                                • 15 Oct 2022

                                Two months of use and so far:

                                1- Camera ****
                                2- Speakers ****
                                3- Screen *****
                                4- Battery *****
                                5 - Performance *****
                                6 - Connectivity *****
                                7 - Software Updates ***

                                A very eye-catching phone with a very nice price (299usd) mine at its official EU website

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                                  • Hereigo
                                  • gMM
                                  • 15 Oct 2022

                                  Anonymous, 28 Sep 2022No updates to 13No update to Android 12 either, 11 is the last version update.

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                                    • IbE
                                    • 28 Sep 2022

                                    No updates to 13

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • p37
                                      • 23 Sep 2022

                                      One of the best phones i had with Motorola.

                                      Now i´ve changed to Moto edge 30 ultra

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • p37
                                        • 18 Jul 2022

                                        Anonymous, 18 May 2022Is this display is 1B colours or 16 M colours. ?16M. It´s not a 10 bit display