Motorola Edge 50 Pro goes global, launches in Europe, South America and Asia

Peter, 16 April 2024

The Motorola Edge 50 Pro was first announced in India at the start of the month, but it was only the first of several Edge 50 devices to come. Today we welcomed the Edge 50 Ultra and the Edge 50 Fusion. Nevertheless, it’s important to highlight that today is also the start of wider availability for the Pro.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro goes global, launches in Europe, South America and Asia

The Edge 50 Pro is launching in select European markets at a price of €700 (here it is in Germany), making it more affordable than the Ultra (which has a €1,000 asking price). Check your local Motorola site as well as major retailers.

The Ultra has more processing power (Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 vs. 7 Gen 3) and a more capable camera system to match its price. Compared to the €400 Moto Edge 50 Fusion, the Pro has the better chipset and screen, better camera setup and faster charging to boot.

Anyway, The Pro will also be available in Asia and Oceania, plus select Latin American markets (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico).

Motorola Edge 50 Pro
Motorola Edge 50 Pro

There’s no mention of North America, but Motorola maintains a slightly different lineup for the US and Canada (well, different names if nothing else). The press release does end with the promise of “expanding the edge family in North America this year”.



Reader comments

Looks like that, lol. Though I refuse to believe they're suffering loss per unit sold here in India. They're just being super greedy with respect to European pricing. It should have been €500 at max for the top-end variant.

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Apr 2024
  • YYX

It appears so.

Europe subsidizing India's pricing

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