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Motorola EM35

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  • jorgia

What series is ths?

  • AnonD-23150

I m from Chennai India. M interested in buying rokr em35, not available in India. Ebay USA has it for US$99 (good price, I think ), n shipping to India totals $150 - Rs 7k ( not worth it at this price). Anyone interested to get it too? Can anyone suggest someone returning to India from US who can help us get the phone, pls... Ct

  • bary

i need to increase volume for my phone

  • Anonymous

wow but thank you.

  • michael

i want review of motorola em35

  • Vitor

Kili, 18 Nov 2009Hello. I bought this phone in May, so i've been dealing with it... moreThanks a lot for your review, it helped me a lot, i'm thinking about buying this phone but now i changed my mind. Thanks!

  • matias

hi i'm thinking of buy this em35.. wolud you recomend me it?? I need the opinion from someone who had used it.. thanks

  • Kili

I bought this phone in May, so i've been dealing with it for a considerable time. It's a good phone, nothing more. Lots of gadgets but many lacks of functionality.
For example, the scroll wheel (wich allows you iPod's style navigation) sometimes stops working; the only solution is restarting the phone.
Missing calls: many times, i receive calls (i can see in the display that someone is calling me) but the the ringtone doesnt's play (no sound), then i take the call but no one answers. That person must call me again, always. Lost of calls missed because of that.
Upgrading the SD memory: i changed the standard 2GB SD Card for a 8GB and a 16GB. When you use the mp3 player with many files, the phone works very slow, you have to wait up to 5 seconds from the end of a song to the begining of the next track, or for example if you want to send a text message, the amount of time to access the create message window is very long.
It's a little dissapointing because the most important reason that made me buy this phone was the external memory capability.
I've also had problems with the headphones, nice surround sound but very poor construction quality, two pairs broken in just six months. And the cable is too long; if you are distracted, it stucks with furniture borders, with machines if you are in the gym working out or even with other persons, for example in the bus or metro.
Bluetooth: recently, a friend brought a MOTOROKR Bluetooth S9-HD headphones from USA and i borrowed, to try in the gym and while i'm running in the park, but it doesn't work well with the EM 35, i've got constant interrupts of sound, while other workmates (with others cellphones) tried the same and worked propertly. Another dissapointing issue of my phone.

Regards for you all from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Anonymous

because this is musice phone

  • rob

the camera is very week...

  • Anonymous

SAHIR, 14 Jul 2009i will buy this cell instantly but i need some info about it spe... moreSAHIR the display of the z6 is 2.0 inches and em35 is 2.2 inches

  • damian

ok. the cell is great !!! but, very dificult !!! (said Tevez)


i will buy this cell instantly but i need some info about it specially from the people those who own this cell...plz answer these questions

1- Does it have the same display quality which Motorola given in rocker z6 bcz i am very concerned about display quality

2 - How is the messaging and security option,can we block sms and calls from other user or can we set password on different location in this cell ?

waiting patiently for ur replies...

  • 100 Moto

lucas, 01 Jul 2009great phone!, i love it!, good motorola, you are in the right wa... moreIf u need wifi, get either VE66 (practically the same as EM35, minus the 3.5mm plug) or Zn5 (which offers 3.5mm plug, a much better cam, and "almost" as good music quality)

  • lucas

great phone!, i love it!, good motorola, you are in the right way....maybe it would be nice to get wifi on this phone but nothing more...GPS its no necesary...and 3G its expensive!!!! too much!!! wifi and this would be the perfect phone....always motorola doing beautifull phones!, i hate my N95....but i need wifi.... :(

  • Anonymous

is this phone gd? i've never owned a motorola phone b4 n i dont want to purchase a sucky phone. currently i'm looking for a phone that has great sound quality n looks gd. apparently this phone caught my attention...any suggestions? =)

  • fine moto

fine Moto. Looks to me like it needs be Technologically one step ahead. WiFi is needed(thats just one). Motorola has to be more competitive, this is particular product does't meet the requirements of the present generation.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

duel speaker great sound

  • gka3000

motos are getting better and better everyday i hope motorolas will rise to the top class in the cellular market .