Motorola ES400

Motorola ES400

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  • Anonymous

At last, no tacky silver paint that wears off on the main buttons. It actually looks great at the front and sides.

But the back has a silver strip, which I hope is not metal (I want good reception) but I hope it's not plastic either (I don't want crappy silver plastic).

If battery life and reception/loudspeaker/earpiece and battery life are good, then this will be a nice phone.

  • Anonymous

cool phone

  • Anonymous

need to have a better design

  • Anonymous

powefull Business phone
very well
cheers moto

  • d

love the idea, love the keyboard, love the screen, but the OS just ruins this otherwise brilliant phone.

  • Anonymous

second camera is nice -
i love you moto

  • Pallavi

few thing to add in this phone

1 .. dual Sim card

2... Radio

3 .. plz launch it in India also

  • Nasser GHOSEIRI

Now we're seeing some major competition. 500h standby and 12 Hours talking time, Motorola is on the right track again... MIL-STD and Waterproof are also attractive as well... well done.

  • Bwzz

This is a business targeted Smart-Phone, as a businessman, I wouldn't agree on the Radio thing.
Even though size is bigger than other products within the same specs, but it's a tough design for those working in the field.
Been using Q9h for almost 2 years, and I like it very much, and I believe ES400 will be my next phone.

  • Huh

hot device.

  • Sachin

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010i like this phone a litle like moto q series and blackberry phone Yes, I too agree. Plus, the ruggedness and tough build that Motorola handsets are known for.

  • Anonymous

This is a business device part of moto's EMB range and you won't find it for sale in your local phone shop. if your serious about buying one of these you'll need to find moto emb partner online like barcodewarehouse who will sell it. This device will have a list price of £514.80

  • Anonymous

i like this phone
a litle like moto q series and blackberry phone

  • Anonymous

build quality must hav 2 improve(side keys and buttons), and over all design is not a impressive. But not a bad phone....Try better motorola

  • blackberry fan

you did great moto!

  • Anonymous

Nice phone, too bulky though...

  • sam1404

a gr8 phone with gr8 specs but camera shld hv been more improved
but its a gr8 and durable phone
it shld be gr8 if upgraded to latest window os
i always liked their full qwerty keypad phones like Q9h
better thn e63.

  • Anonymous

TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors
Size 640 x 480 pixels, 3.0 inches
- Full QWERTY keyboard
- Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
- Motorola Enterprise UI

nice move

  • alex

well really nice looking phone. Maybe camera shoulld be a little better and radio would be fine

  • Anonymous

well done moto