Motorola KRZR K1

Motorola KRZR K1

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  • Conny
  • mLR
  • 28 Jun 2014

Top machine. Advice it as a spare one if yours fail.
Can still buy cheap at Aliexpress

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    • John
    • 019
    • 15 Nov 2013

    AnonD-203854, 06 Nov 2013Please I need a software so I can synchronized my address a... moreHow do you set the ringer on the K1 ?

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      • AnonD-203854
      • P%u
      • 06 Nov 2013

      Please I need a software so I can synchronized my address and contact number to the Microsoft office outlook in my laptop computer. is it possible? I don't remember or I left in America my software if it included when purchased this unit 4 or 5 years already and still working excellent tell email address ( / thank you in advance...

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        • Max
        • 7s5
        • 03 Oct 2013

        Jerry, 12 Sep 2013OMG! my first cell phone ever lolYep, and i still have one, had it for years, and when my Iphone stops/fails, i grab that, it NEVER fails

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          • Jerry
          • bc5
          • 12 Sep 2013

          OMG! my first cell phone ever lol

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            • CRAFTY C
            • 4Tt
            • 31 Aug 2013

            gj, 11 Jul 2013Hi , my motorola KRZR K1 (with the red screen) i have dropp... moreremove the battery and inspect it for damage. if there is no visible damage, make sure when you install the battery that it's tightly seated. these phones sometimes have a shaky connection anyhow, so dropping one can make the phone go weirdo on you. also, get a tightly fitting case or holster - that way the battery cover won't come off or get loose.

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              • navada
              • 7Cm
              • 11 Aug 2013

              Brett, 23 Apr 2013A new battery should solve all your problems as it happened... morewhere to get battery

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                • angel
                • 0Fe
                • 11 Jul 2013

                Gauji89, 22 Apr 2013I have had this phone now since it came out and that is abo... moreget a new phone lol

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                  • gj
                  • q}u
                  • 11 Jul 2013

                  Hi , my motorola KRZR K1 (with the red screen) i have dropped in on the ground not in water or anything like that but my phone now will not turn on but if it does it shuts right off please help with any suggestions! Thank you

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                    • Brett
                    • wgI
                    • 23 Apr 2013

                    Gauji89, 22 Apr 2013I have had this phone now since it came out and that is abo... moreA new battery should solve all your problems as it happened to me and now mine is as good as new again, man this phone just keeps on going!

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                      • Gauji89
                      • SuN
                      • 22 Apr 2013

                      I have had this phone now since it came out and that is about 7 years now. And first now it is staring to act out I can´t text and the battery is dead really fast. Any helping tips i can get???

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                        • shedi
                        • rrg
                        • 04 Apr 2013

                        I have this phone, but unfortunately it lost its network reception capability. please advice on how to repair or spare parts to buy.

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                          • Musa
                          • KIc
                          • 19 Mar 2013

                          The phone can store an infinite number of SMS and MMS as long as the shared memory (21 MB) allows it.

                          this line is from gsm arena k1 review page 3

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                            • Emy
                            • t7M
                            • 06 Mar 2013

                            I have been using this phone for 5 years and it's still in good condition, good sound, battery still ok.. But i want to replace it's faceplate.... Want a new color.. Pls help.. Tnx!!

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                              • Loki
                              • 9LQ
                              • 14 Feb 2013

                              How can i download games if i dont have a computer?

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                                • drummerboy59
                                • qVE
                                • 09 Jan 2013

                                Rawrr_Baka_Neko, 19 Feb 2010I have gone through two of these phones already. The screen... moreMaybe you need to empty your message in/out boxes they could be to full and maybe you would not be having the problem of double messages being sent. What size memory card are you using? The Krzr only can support up to 2GB memory cards. I had the same problem with the memory card because I tryed to use a 4GB card and got the same message you did still I found out the phone did not support a 4GB card.

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                                  • 0xy
                                  • 31 Dec 2012

                                  I'm happy, because my dad used this phone alot, when he bought a new one I wanted to have this, not a new phone. It's great, only battery sucks. But it works fine, there is a great music player, you can call and text. Why do we need a phone? For those reasons. I think this phone is just great for those who like simple phones and don't want to buy a NEW one :)

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                                    • Glenbee
                                    • nI@
                                    • 26 Dec 2012

                                    I have had my KRZR K1 for 4 years & think it is fab. It has never let me down & when I do have to replace it I would like one just the same.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • QZc
                                      • 24 Dec 2012

                                      Biggest piece of garbage I have ever had the misfortune of owning. Worked great for all of a month... At which point, the entire phone crashed, wouldn't start, all I would get when I powered it on was a black screen with white writing, looking sort of like a DOS screen. Sent it back to the factory (on warranty), and two months later, exact same thing. That time, they sent me an entirely new phone as replacement! Worked for the next 8 months... And then, basically the instant my one year warranty ran out, it did the exact same thing again. NEVER get this phone!

                                      To clarify, I dropped this phone, in all the time I owned it, twice. After the third crash. Because I was extremely fed up with it. I kept it clean, I never dropped it, I never got water on it... It just was garbage.