Motorola L6 review: Affordable RAZR bar

Ivo Mareček, 02 February 2006.

Everything started with the Razr. The success of the ultra thin clamshell has put Motorola on the top of the high-class phones. Intended for the ordinary user with its reasonable price, the Motorola L6 follows the example. The equipment however won't shine much; at least the construction will inspire.

Key features

  • thin design
  • small size and weight
  • reasonable price
  • good battery life
  • Bluetooth

Main disadvantages

  • slower reactions
  • poor display
  • limited internal memory
  • only VGA camera

Nowadays, the legendary Motorola Razr V3 already means a revolution in the mobile world. With this model Motorola showed how far the design limits can reach. Due to the success achieved by the Razr, the manufacturer decided that the stylish clamshell won't be the last piece form the thin "razor" series. So, with small proportions, but with affordable price, here comes - the Motorola L6.

The L6 model was officially presented at the CeBIT fair last year.

Phone fits in palm

The biggest temptations for the customer are without question the small size and the thin side view. With its proportions of 114 x 49 x 12 mm the Motorola L6 is still standing in the category of the very small devices. Its weight of 85 g may only cause envy in the other phones.

Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6
Motorola L6

In comparison with the Razr, the Motorola L6 is not so wide, which at first sight will warm the heart of many users. You can hold it in your hands very comfortable due to the reduced width. Operating with the thumb is easy as well.

At first sight the L6 seems to have very solid construction. For this also contributes the fixation of the back battery cover in the upper part, above the camera lens. Practically, you won't feel any creak in the first few days. However, in a while, the back cover loosens a little. That's why you won't avoid the millimeter deflection from the primary position. However you won't even notice this in case you don't examine your phone more carefully.

Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6
Size comparison • side view • it's very comfortable in hands • back side

A silver midget

The major part of the phone surface is made of silver metal. However, the layer is thin enough, so don't be afraid that your phone will chill your hand during using. The fingerprints on the metal surface won't trouble you, whereas the display is something else.

Even the slightest touch of a finger can be seen on the black display. In addition, the upper line of buttons is situated directly under the display, so, practically you won't have any chance to avoid the fingerprints. That's why at least a small cloth for display cleaning in the sales package won't be unnecessary at all.

Whereas the most outstanding element of the front cover is the above-mentioned display, the back part is dominated by the camera lens on the top and the loud speaker grid in the lower part. Even here I can't praise the designers too much. In case that the phone is lying on a soft surface, which has the ability to absorb the sound, the ringing or the alert of an incoming message is practically muffled.

Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6
Details from different angles

Additional operating elements can be found on the side parts of the phone. There is a camera button on the right side, just above it is the miniUSB connector, the charger slot and the data cable slot. On the opposite side, practically at the same height, are situated the so-called smart keys for launching the most frequently used items. You may freely change the applications assigned to those keys in the phone's settings. On the upper side you'll find a mechanism for removal of the back cover and an eyelet for a string.

Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6
Side view • USB connector • Smart key • the mechanism for back cover removal

The back cover covers up the Li-Ion battery with 720 mAh capacity. According to the manufacturer's official specifications, the indicated battery lifetime is up to 380 hours stand-by and up to 350 minutes continuous talk time. When the phone hasn't been too heavy loaded, the battery life of the tested prototype was really excellent, so in such case I am willing to believe the indicated values. The charging status can be checked directly from the phone menu.

Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6 Motorola L6
View on the back • the mechanism for back cover removal • outlook under the back cover

Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 21 Sep 2015
  • Xue

its too ood to post now.any waysi too had this awesome java phone. ausome sound

  • B
  • 06 Aug 2008
  • pMN

didn't have much money to spend but wanted a new phone to hold more messages than the temporary old phone I'd been using. Doesn't have the memory for texts i was hoping for, and wish it had a better camera. Bluetooth is also pretty bad. Will be buyin...

  • Missy
  • 09 Dec 2007
  • 4s7

Hello. I am just wondering if you discovered how to change the housing on your L6 as I have been trying for months to change mine also.