Motorola M3588

Motorola M3588

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  • Lance

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2006this handset is atrocious by far the worst ive seen.u need ... moreWhat a load of complete nonsense

  • Lance

My very first phone.

I was at school then, your first phone is always your most memorable.

Happy memories.

  • serbesi

my very first phone too, had to repair it under warranty after 3 months. very bulky, uncomfortable menu, but i didn't have the money for a 3210 ;)
anyway, you never forget the first phone haha

  • go gadget

one of the first phone with colour screen. you can choose from yellow, blue, red, orange... and... urm... some other colour i failed to remember.

  • Jesus

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2005rofl no clock? stupid phoneThis phone rocks my world

  • Disinto

My first phone ever. Very durable but had some annoying flaws. It was also very bulky (especially the battery)

  • Hall

It's my very first phone, and still working until now. Nice phone, durable.

  • Robin

Im still using mine 9 years on and it works great!

  • Sue

This was the first phone that I ever got! Was a present from my dad, and my two sisters and I got exactly the same phone. Therefore, we all had to set different ring tones - out of a choice of 10 of course.....

  • Azizi

my first phone ever. bought it with my 2nd month salary. Quite good but been lost it during waiting at bus station (Maybe left it on the platform - after show off)

  • yannis

one of my first phones...i remember my first moments of using cell phones with happiness, satisfaction and nostalgy...nothing else..thanks a lot....

  • Anonymous

this handset is atrocious by far the worst ive seen.u need a rucksack to carry it around.its so ugly i wouldnt use it as a trigger for a pipebomb!!!

  • sam

A very reliable phone still in use

  • Ignatowski

To Jan Misura: What'd you mean, can be use as a torch?

To Raf Heymans: Hello! Here's your baby, the M3588. Oooooh lovely, did you bring new batteries for me?

  • maurice babiera

my 2nd phone from 35 phone models ive used for the past 7 years

  • Anonymous

rofl no clock? stupid phone

  • Muhummad

Great phone it has quality features such as calling, i was amazed at the screen, it actually worked.I found this off the coast of Fiji. How do send sms. This phone has many features...when you know how to use them. I sure dont.

  • Gerard

Need a new battery for M3588
Where to buy?

  • Noronet

How to configure The Motorola M3588 Airtel Mobil with French lanuage. I look for the manual of this mobil phone.

  • paul

i payed £4 for this would be ok if i could take it apart! i design my own cases but it is stuck 2 gether solid