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This is my first phone, I bought it in 2000, now it is 2020 and it is still alive. Judging by what he had to endure (falling from a truck cabin onto rubble, contact with hot asphalt, bathing in concrete), it seems that he is able to survive even in the epicenter of a nuclear explosion. A strong thing, now they no longer do such.

  • Lugius

I have the IMEI Code for my Motorola m3788e, where can I post it so as to unlock the phone. It needs the special code whenever I place a different Sim card. Please kindly help me, your assistance will be greatly appreciated


This is my childhood. 1999;

  • Anonymous

you, 05 Oct 2016you need the imei number. either on the box, on a label und... moreI have tried submitting the IMEI but the special
.code 8 digits ...
it requires to unlock it is not available.

  • you

David, 11 Apr 2016I have a 3788e which needs a code putting in to unlock it a... moreyou need the imei number. either on the box, on a label under the battery or by dialling *#06# on the device. It is 15 digits long.

  • David

AnonD-487634, 12 Jan 2016Hello Arthur I realise its a while since you posted with re... moreI have a 3788e which needs a code putting in to unlock it and apparently the serial number is one where if I ask an unlock shop to do it they cant get the code..any ideas?? I use the phone as it was the first type I bought my daughters when they were teens....and although I have an android phone I prefer the simplicity of the old motorola.

  • AnonD-487634

Hello Arthur I realise its a while since you posted with reference to Motorola 3788 phones, howeverI am taking a chance, hoping perhaps a friendly dialoge response may happen, after reading my plight, I have at present 6 of these520Motorola phones, all in Super Pristine condition, in the Blue Plastic cases, I bought a pair of them Brand New old stock, still boxed, on E.Bay, for the princely sum of £ 3.50 that was including the postage cost. They are locked on the One to One network, I charged the batteries which are fully functional, after a week still full charged on a test meter. My only problem is, unlocking them.. I have tried with 3 different SIM network cards incerted, but the screen asks for the Special Code... which I dont have. Mean while I bought 2 more such phones, on E.bay for a gift price of 99pence and £ 2 .0 post.. another bargain... these are motorola 3788, models identical in every way, but made for Orange network.. I stripped them down to a million pieces, and that was theraputic, to my way of thinking, and also a learning process combined, all for the price of a couple of evening newspapers... is my interpration..... subsequently rebuilding them, and Buffing up the Plastic cases with Metal Polish.. ideal for removing scratches on plastic display screens and casings .. there now pristine too the Battery power of this second set is with 4 AA batteries taped into two doubles upright, and they sit in the battery bay perfect, but the original rear cover has to beheld on with in this case by an Elastic band Top and Bottom.. however they all work, but the screen display asks for the eight digit special code. My other Two Motorola phones are my own original purchase, M.3788 models, I still have the reciept when I bought them, January 6th 2000, they have hardly been used, at a guess I would say under 50 calls were made with them... there on the Orange network too, and locked , I payed £ 10 each for them all those years ago.. with £ 5. worth of calls on them. On December 21. 2015, I visited an EE. Phone shop, locally, and the assistant was bewildered at first site of my vintage collection, but he assured me that he would conquer the un-locking business for me, if I topped them up .. so I payed £ 5. on one and £ 10 on the other, he then incerted 2 new SIMS and assured me they would activate in twelve hours, its now January 11th and still no network signal has transpired.. I wrote to the EE. Head quarters, and thats the Story up to date....

  • Arfur

Useful phones these-you can take out the battery pack and stick in standard alkaline AA cells in an emergency -although the back does not quite fit.
The best solution though if you cannot find a new battery pack is to take the battery apart, snip out the old cells and stick in standard AAA nimh rechargeable batteries,you will need to fit some battery springs on the non contact end (top)so that they fit tightly, and a bit of solder the other end so that they make good contact...result a long lasting rechargeable phone.

  • AnonD-387898

Walt, 06 Sep 2014Amazon UK sell this battery. The charger adapter is more o... moreHi ! just dug ours from box: plug is 'yellow tip', approx 2.4mm OD shaft, tip positive.

Can't measure ID, but very small.
*May* be 0.7mm, which is naughty of Motorola as that size is only supposed to be used for ~ 3V.

Charger delivers seven (7) volts, 300 mA 2.1 VA

Model FE 4116 do show up on ebay etc...

  • Walt

yoshibonnie2, 04 Mar 2013Like previous query. I too have had my Motorola M3788E (n... moreAmazon UK sell this battery. The charger adapter is more of a problem - I can't find the specification for one

  • AnonD-279972

This was my first phone !

  • dazza

i just got my first one off ebay ive wanted one for years now i got one for $50 mines blue love it

  • Sanju

It was my 1st mobile. . Nd it was special for me. .becuz

  • Anonymous

Vijay Gupta, 07 May 2003Please quote a price for this M3788 urgentlyIt is a class phone but where can I purchace another one

  • yoshibonnie2

Like previous query. I too have had my Motorola M3788E
(note the E on the end) for a similar period of time. I have managed to obtain a new battery some years ago but now I required a further battery replacement. Unfortunately I am having difficulty in acquiring one. Any suggestions how I get a replacement. I only use it to make and receive calls. Don't want a new one. This suits me fine. I would really appreciate anyones sensible help. Cheers. Bill.

  • AnonD-102908

Sorry about the repeat

  • AnonD-102908

I've had my 3788 now for 10 years. I like its simplicity and reliability. I don't want to take pictures or access the internet etc, so the 3788 suits me very well. But I did find the small reduction in battery voltage from 5.4 volts to 5.00 volts to be too small. The phone cuts out at 5.00 volts. I arranged to run my one from 5 external nicads, 6.75 volts at max and it runs well, since now I can let the battery fall all the way from 6.75 volts to 5.00 volts before it cuts out.

  • AnonD-102908

Trevor Purnell, 31 Jan 2005Nice phone but have been unable to purchase the 'BACK' whic... moreYou would have to replace the diode which the phone battery has inside and solder it inside the case in the right place, the right way round, or the phone wouldn't work.

  • AnonD-102908

carole, 04 Jan 2008It just died. After a long battery problem. No other will... moreMy 3788 tolerates battery voltages between 6.75 and 5.00 volts. But an aging battery quickly drops to 5.0 volts so I replaced my one with 5 D cells outside the case. I removed the diode from the old battery and soldered it back inside the phone. Result...superb! The battery runs and runs the phone without recharge for weeks.