Motorola MILESTONE finally gets treated to Android 2.1 in the UK

06 May, 2010

The wait is over and the Motorola MILESTONE UK update to Android 2.1 is finally here. Without any overly official announcements Motorola released the long awaited update.

Currently there is no over-the-air option, the only way to update your device is through a computer. You must follow this link and the instructions there.

Here's the official changelog from the Motorola MILESTONE UK update page (PDF link).

Motorolas has been rolling the 2.1 update slowly and painfully to regional markets since 22 March and we guess it was about time to hit the UK as well.



Reader comments

  • FM radio addict

The Motorola Milestone would have been the ultimate phone for me if it had a FM radio. But I guess there are people who do not use FM radios on their phones, so for them this must be the ultimate phone on the market at the moment.

  • Anonymous

no no man you do care. first you replied, second that fat machine i mean the fat x10 for you to understand better. why fat x10 compare 13mm of milestone with a keypad and 13mm fat x10 without keypad man and useless x10 release with android 1.6 please...

  • chris2k

THANK GOD! Cheers motorola for your speedy release of 2.1! /sarcasm over