Motorola MILESTONE XT720

Motorola MILESTONE XT720

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  • Anonymous

this phone is my life

  • Anonymous

way way beter than desire - x10 - and ... other android

  • hd2

Hey there.yes about the phone being slow yes u know why cuz this people form GsmArena messed up on the specifications on the phone supposly was a 512MB RAM and from date to night changes to 256BMW,RAM that is B,S fff,this people.Who is going to pay me back for the waste of money

  • Anonymous

great handset!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lol
this is your ranking

  • trent

YOU go outdoors to take video/see time/check calendar and i can hardly see the screen ,,any answers please.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2010phone with 720MHZ? slow? compared to what? a core 2 duo computer... morecompared to most other 'high end' androids currently on the market.
btw, xt720 runs at 550mhz not 720mhz

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2010again a phone wid weak cpu phone with 720MHZ? slow? compared to what? a core 2 duo computer? if that ur case then yes but its a phone not a PC

  • el-el

dev, 30 Aug 2010which one is beetter milestone xt720 or nokia n8 definitely, definitely, milestone. Android is way, way, better.

  • Anonymous

MT810: Social Meets Business for China Mobile

MT810 is being jointly launched with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile telephone operator by subscribers, and uses China Mobile’s OPhone OS 2.0™ implementation of Android. The MT810 has a unique dual-touch system in which the 3.2-inch display is a resistive touchscreen perfect for stylus or finger input and the transparent cover is a second capacitive touchscreen that offers full finger touch functionality even when the phone is closed. A suite of pre-loaded intelligent business applications enables you to stay successful on the go while D1 (720 x 480) video capture, 720p HD video playback and powerful audio-video functionality, including support for China’s CMMB mobile television format, offer an unparalleled mobile entertainment experience. Access China Mobile’s Mobile Market with more than 7000 applications and tens of thousands of themes.

XT806: An Internet Powerhouse for China Telecom

XT806 is an Internet-connected powerhouse built on Android 2.1 and offered by Motorola and China Telecom. Easy connectivity and dual-mode/dual-standby support for CDMA EVDO and GSM enable seamless roaming so you can receive information around the world. XT806 also provides integrated mobile business application tools such as Quicknotes™, and innovative application that allows you to easily work on text, voice recording, videos, pictures, sketches and screen snapshots. With these features, the XT806 becomes a multimedia notebook that can help you search and work at any critical moment. It also has a transparent flip design and a 3.2-inch screen with a super-sharp 300dpi display, powerful GPS navigation services and 720p HD video capture and playback. Access Motorola’s SHOP4APPS, with over 800 specially selected applications.

A1680: Iconic MING Redefined for China Unicom

A1680 brings Android together with a design that reflects the classic and elegant MING heritage. A 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen offers a crystal clear display and excellent touch capabilities. A1680 supports China Unicom’s WCDMA network, as well as WAPI and WIFI1 high-speed connectivity for easy access to the mobile Internet. Motorola’s acclaimed intelligent handwriting recognition software has been perfected for the A1680 while a sixth-generation SoftStylus™ handwriting system easily captures your personal penmanship style. The A1680 also has a 5MP camera and GPS navigation services. Access Motorola’s SHOP4APPS, with over 800 specially selected applications

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2010I have been watchin this mobile section since a month and a half... moresome pretty big glitches...

terrible hd video
xenon flash was weak compared to most other xenon equipped phones ive had in the past... and in turn there is no light when video recording at night
8mp camera is very average.. most 5mp shooters out perform the xt720's 8mp cam
sluggish UI -ARM Cortex A8 @ 550mhz needs to be overclocked
radio does not work without headphones

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lol !?
so u get wave
go baby

  • Reach

It's s-o-o-o-o-o-o s-l-l-l-l-u-u-g-g-g-g-i-s-s-s-h-h-h. And it would "crash" like a PC would... "force end" error every now and then. You would not know if the phone detected your "tap/touch" because it wouldn't respond right away. So after you tap, wait... and wait... then tap... and wait...

With this phone, multi-tasking is a no-no.

I was thinking I'd have a better experience switching from iPhone to Milestone. But I now have second thoughts and needed to re-evaluate my decision-making process.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2010thank you dear very usefull we are waiting for your next opi... moreSome of the applications i been using on the phone:

1) Quick settings
2) Quick battery
3) Estask manager
4) AWD Luancher
5) Laputa ebook reader
6) Appsbrain (not really neccessary can just use the Market Apps)

ALL are welcome to suggest more other useful apps. These are all i am using. Thank you & good day. GO ANDROID!!

  • Anonymous

sambitts, 31 Aug 2010What about the OS? cant comapre BADA with ANDROID i Guess?????I have been watchin this mobile section since a month and a half, the percentage of interest has gone down from 12%-8% and now satands back at 12% which shows people are liking the phone. MOTO people should see this,CMMON moto to make a best selling handset U need to correct the glitches...

  • sambitts

[deleted post]What about the OS? cant comapre BADA with ANDROID i Guess?????

  • Anonymous

dev, 30 Aug 2010which one is beetter milestone xt720 or nokia n8 100% xt720

  • AndyUK

Been looking at this handset and will definatley be getting it when payday arrives :)

am i right in thinking the froyo update will be ok being used on uk networks?


  • Anonymous

dev, 30 Aug 2010which one is beetter milestone xt720 or nokia n8 whether n8 is avaliable in the market ??!!
xt720 is much beter

  • dev

which one is beetter milestone xt720 or nokia n8