Motorola MILESTONE XT720

Motorola MILESTONE XT720

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  • Anonymous

Glennuth, 03 Aug 2010I emailed motorola yesterday and got this back: Thank you for... moreyeah its a joke... dont hold ur breath about a firmware update fixing the HD and cam quality

  • Glennuth

I emailed motorola yesterday and got this back:

Thank you for contacting Motorola.

In response to your email, we would like to inform that you that the XT720 will be updated from 550MHz to 720MHz.during 2010, however we do not have an official announcement for the release date of the update.
Regarding your second and third query, we would like to inform you that we do not have additional specifics to share at this time, we will let you know as information becomes available.

For any further assistance or information please do not hesitate to contact us again, quoting your Customer Reference number.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

Kind regards,


the second and third issues were about the camera stills and 720p video quality.

  • Anonymous

Paul, 03 Aug 2010Was briefly on the Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night up agains... morefirst and last motorola phone i ever buy

  • Anonymous

Paul, 03 Aug 2010Was briefly on the Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night up agains... moreyep... selling mine asap

  • Anonymous

like orginal milestone
this one is excellent
moto forever

  • Anonymous

i love this phone

  • Paul

Was briefly on the Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night up against the iphone 4's camera, camera no where near as good as the iphones 5 megapixel & the 720p video awful.

  • Anonymous

this was emailed to motorola 10min ago after recieving this phone today...

Hi, I recently bought the Motorola Milestone XT720 from an online store (as I am in Australia) and I just want to give you a little feedback...(this is what ive posted on a few mobile phone sites/ user opinions)..

"ive had the phone for like half a day and i so wish i did not buy it... 8mp pics are average at best, HD video is unusable as it is extremely jerky(one of the main selling points is the first phone with HDMI out!?!?!), buggy UI, will not play mp3s????, laggy UI, photos go missing or dont save, radio does not work without headphones.. sorry barelyyyy works! (yes it is spose to fuction without)and the whole front side of the phone is made out of plastic/cheap fake chrome although reviews have stated the entire phone is made out of metal..
first and last motorola i ever buy...
going straight to ebay
very frustrating"

I really did have high hopes for this phone, in what was spose to be a high end android smartphone and considering the money I paided for it im really disapointed.

got a reply back today.... a generic automated response saying i need to email motorola AU...
customer service is as good as there products!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2010MILESTONE™ XT720 The MILESTONE™ XT720 makes high-definition vid... moreyeah sounds awesome, until your holding it...
and the guy below ur comment 550mhz!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
seriously.. can you guys read?

  • Anonymous

The MILESTONE™ XT720 makes high-definition video recording and playback easy, with HDMI and Wi-Fi connectivity. The 3.7-inch touch screen and 8-megapixel camera with xenon flash make it a serious digital imaging device, all in a thin and elegant design.

Processor and memory
Processor TI OMAP3440
Processor Clock Speed Up to 720 MHz
RAM 256 MB
Flash ROM 512 MB
User Storage Available (max) 256 MB
Memory Card Type FAT32
microSDHC, Class 6
Memory Card Size Supported (max) 32 GB

Experience Premium multimedia
Form Factor Touch tablet
Operating System Android v2.1
Android API Level 7
Input Types Home/Menu/Back touch-sensitive buttons
Keyboard: on-screen
Touch screen: capacitive
Consumer Web Site Product page

Size (diagonal) 3.7 in (normal)

Camera Resolution (max) 8 megapixels
Camera Focus Auto
Camera Flash Xenon
Camera Digital Zoom (max) 8x
Image Capture Formats JPEG w/EXIF 2.2
Image Capture Resolution (max) 3264 x 2448
AdditionalCamera Features Color effects
Image stabilization
Picture quality
White balance
Image Viewing Formats Android core media formats
Video Recording Formats Android core media formats
Video Recording Resolution (max) 1280 x 720 (720p HD)
Video Recording Frame Rate (max) 24 fps
Video Playback Formats 3GP
Android core media formats
Video Playback Resolution (max) 1280 x 720 (720p HD)
Video Playback Frame Rate (max) 24 fps

  • Anonymous

Motorola MILESTONE XT720 has 720 mhz cpu and 256 ram

  • Anonymous

it really is a joke that this phone branded as the first phone with "HDMI" and the quality or hd vids are so bad.

  • Anonymous­-Products-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/ci.MOTO-XT7­20-GB-EN.alt

read the specs!!!!!! 550mhz!!!!!

originally yes it was 720 but underclocked to 550!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2010what the mendacity !! do you ever see the milestone xt720 in yo... moreu want me to post some pics ?????? what..because i dont like it i must be lying?
dont say i didnt warn u

  • Anonymous

dext user , 02 Aug 2010milestone xt720 has 720mhz cpu motoroi xt720 has 550mhz cpu an... moreLOL...... ummm i have the motorola milestone in my hands!!! how many times!! 550mhzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

  • mohamad

i prefer this one to other android in the market


Anonymous, 01 Aug 2010one pic looks half decent.. you coulda taken some better pics th... morehi paul
sorry u cant see the full page of this web
so now u can see other sample picture that we take with xt720 here in
i cant write phone name of this phone because moderator cut !?­c00c488c16g.jpg

attention guys this milestone xt720 use motoroi firmware so camera is not is high end of ability and with new firmware you can take even beter picture with powerfull 8mp camera .

  • toni

hey guys whats your problem
this phone is realy great choice
im original milestone user about 8month
the best smartphone with qwerty slider keyboard that make me happy ever
next week my friend bought milestone xt720
its realy great phone
way way beter than my milestone
the lcd is alittle beter just for natural color and touching is like my phone great and very Response
web browser is perfect and phone speed to is too fast to open the web page
phone is overclock in 720mhz and 256ram
phone speed is great and much beter than my milestone with 600 mhz speed
camera is very good and photo are realy lucid
phone quality nad assemble is great like all moto phone's

  • dext user

[deleted post]milestone xt720 has 720mhz cpu
motoroi xt720 has 550mhz cpu and can overclock to 720
please dont write wrong information

  • Anonymous

awsome phone